John Wall: Memes Inspired By His Team USA Picture

John Wall

Team USA is holding a minicamp this week in Las Vegas, and one player in particular has stood out.

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall has become a meme sensation Thursday. Not because of anything he did on the court, but specifically because social media is having a good time with his official photo:

Thanks, Wob.

On the surface, Wall seems a bit tired, but the rest of Twitter has gotten pretty creative. Heck, even Wall’s mom got in on the fun:

Here are some of the best responses and memes to Wall’s Team USA picture:

This is an obvious reference to the movie, The Hangover.

(Get it? Denver? Colorado? Marijuana Joke)

Come to think of it, this is exactly how I felt when I heard about Cousins signing with the Warriors, too.

Wall does kind of look like a few well-known characters, doesn’t he?


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