Andy Reid Downplays the Idea of Trading for Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas

Getty Former Seahawks safety Earl Thomas remains unsigned.

The Kanas City Chiefs aren’t quite ready to make a deal with the Seattle Seahawks. As Seahawks Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas remains unhappy with his current contract situation, the team has been doing all they can to make the veteran safety satisfied. Even if that includes entertaining trade offers to ship him off to another team.

It’s not like the Seahawks are trying to get rid of Earl Thomas. But his latest antics have made it very tough to keep him on board for the entire 2018 season. So, as the Seahawks hosted the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday, there were rumors of a potential meeting going down involving trade discussions for Thomas. The Cowboys aren’t the only team inquiring about Thomas, though. Just as the news came out that the Cowboys front office planned to discuss a potential deal with the Seahawks, the Kansas City Chiefs got thrown into the rumors as well.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen broke the news via Twitter on Sunday that the Chiefs have emerged as another potential trade partner to acquire Thomas. While the Cowboys have been the only team that has been fully committed to making multiple offers for the safety, the idea of the Chiefs making a move for him make just as much sense, if not more. Unfortunately, the Chiefs just aren’t there yet, according to their head coach, Andy Reid.

“We’re Just Not There Yet”

When Andy Reid was asked about the potential trade rumors, he wasn’t hesitant to state that the Chiefs aren’t ready to spend big on the superstar safety at this time. Here’s what he had to say on Monday, according to the Chiefs media.

“Right now we don’t have anything and that’s not where we’re at,” Reid told reporters Monday, via the Chiefs official website. “I know the rumor is out there, but that’s not where we’re at.”

The Chiefs started the 2018 season on fire. As they remain undefeated with all eyes on their second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes, others tend to forget that the team has struggled elsewhere. In order to make a deep playoff run in the NFL, a team must be fully equipped with depth and weapons all around. While the Chiefs are talented, they could use some extra muscle on the back end of their secondary. Hence the reason why Thomas has become a potential target for the team.

The only issue is that Thomas is not going to come cheap. The Cowboys final offer involved a second-round pick, which can be quite hefty considering that Thomas will have to be paid off with an expensive contract sooner than later. The early round pick wasn’t enough for the Seahawks to agree to a deal so the Chiefs might be a lot more hesitant in inquiring for the safety.


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