Corine Remande Goes Blind After Being Hit With Golf Ball at Ryder Cup

Corine Remande


Corine Remande is planning to sue after she was hit in the face by a golf ball at Le Golf National club in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, over the weekend. According to the Daily Mail, the ball, which was hit by Brooks Koepka, veered off into the gallery.

Remande said that the officials didn’t give any warning that the ball was approaching.

“Quite clearly, there is responsibility on the part of the organizers. Officials did not shout any warning as the player’s ball went into the crowd,” she told the Associated Foreign Press.

The golf ball ended up striking Remande in her right eye, causing a fracture. The injury also caused an “explosion of the eyeball,” according to various media reports.

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Now, Remande is planning to seek legal action. According to the Daily Mail, she was set to meet with a lawyer on Tuesday, October 2.

“More than anything I want them to take care of all the medical bills to make sure there is no risk of infection,” Remande told the AFP.

A Ryder Cup spokesperson released the following statement on the matter:

“It is distressing to hear that someone might suffer long-term consequences from a ball strike. The spectator hit by a ball at the sixth hole during Friday’s play was treated by first responders immediately and taken to [the] hospital. We have been in communication with the family involved, starting with the immediate on-course treatment and thereafter to provide support, helping with the logistics of repatriation, including providing a transfer for the family from Paris to Lyon. We will continue to offer support for as long as necessary. Ball strikes are an occasional hazard for spectators but this kind of incident is extremely rare. We can confirm that “fore” was shouted several times but also appreciate how hard it can be to know when and where every ball is struck if you are in the crowd. We are hugely sympathetic and will do everything we can to support the spectator, insofar as that is possible under very difficult circumstances.”

According to the New York Post, Brooks Koepka walked over to Remande, apologized to her and gave her an autographed glove.

“You don’t want to hit anybody in the face, especially not a woman, and it’s not a good feeling. I saw her. It looked like it hurt. She was bleeding pretty good. It looked like it hit her right in the eye so hopefully, there’s no loss of vision. It’s not a fun feeling. I probably do it way more than I should. It seems just about every week we’re hitting somebody. It doesn’t feel good. You feel terrible for them. You know exactly how they are feeling, especially when you’ve got to go over to apologize because they are in pain, usually bleeding, and then to hit her in the face is not — you don’t want to hit anyone in the face, especially not a woman. I just wanted to get out of there,” Koepka said.

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