Demaryius Thomas Trade Rumors: Broncos’ WR Is Aware His Time Is Up

Getty Images Demaryius Thomas takes the field.

Over the next week or so, the Denver Broncos will plan to field a ton of calls for one of their own. With the trade deadline a little over a week away, there are a few names around the NFL that have garnered a ton of trade buzz. For the Denver Broncos, they are actively searching to sell their veteran wideout, Demaryius Thomas.

As Thomas continues to play his ninth season with the Broncos, the veteran wideout is well aware of his time in a Broncos’ uniform is coming to an end. Although he has made it clear to his team that he would like to stay on the team that has drafted and developed him, it is becoming evident that the Broncos’ are just simply ready to move on.

The situation became clear back in the spring when the Broncos drafted SMU wide receiver, Courtland Sutton. At the time, Thomas was already actively shopped, but no teams were all that interested yet. But now that the Broncos see the potential in the young rookie, they are finally ready to part ways with Thomas, and he knows it.

Thomas Acknowledges It’s Almost the End

“I didn’t know that (other teams are interested) but that’s a good thing if somebody is interested because then I can still play ball,’’ Thomas said with a soft wrap around his jammed left wrist at his locker Monday. “I still got a chance, IF I get traded. Of course, I want to be here, but I’ve been hearing it the whole season now, so I feel like somewhat it is true, my time here is coming up. But I don’t know.’’

9 News in Denver caught up with the veteran wideout on Sunday to ask him his opinion on the rumored scenarios going around the league. Although there hasn’t been a word on which teams are actually inquiring about Thomas, but there are a few teams that have been actively searching for a wide receiver as a specific position of interest.