Jabari Parker Plays ‘What’s in the Box’ With Robin Lopez’s Head

Jabari Parker

Getty Jabari Parker plays for the Chicago Bulls.

In a segment for his team, the Chicago Bulls, Jabari Parker was asked to play a game of “What’s in the Box.”

“What’s in the Box” is a game where a person stands behind a box on a table, the front of which is facing the camera and unseen to the player, and inside of the box is some kind of strange object. The sides of the box have holes for the player to put their hands inside, and they have to feel around the box and guess what’s inside.

The game is usually played with the standard gross-feeling objects: vienna sausages, a fake tarantula (or a real one), a bunny rabbit. But this time the Bulls put a different surprise in the box: Bulls player Robin Lopez’s head.

Lopez’s curly head of hair made for an interesting experience for Parker, who had no idea what was going on.

It was quite a journey, coming to the realization of what he was touching. Here are some top quotes from Jabari as he tried to distinguish what was inside the box:

1. “OH! What is that? What is that? I don’t even wanna touch–it moved!”
2. “Is it alive?”
3. “I don’t know what I’m feelin’ right now. It’s not pleasant I don’t wanna touch–it’s soft, and it’s movin’!”
4. “It’s an animal. It’s a cat. ‘Cause it’s furry. I don’t wanna pet no cat. I’m afraid of cats.”
5. “Ooooh, I felt teeth! I felt teeth.”

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