Jordan Phillips Disses the Miami Dolphins after Release

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It wasn’t a great day for former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle, Jordan Phillips. On Tuesday, the 26-year-old tackle was informed that he would be released from the Dolphins. It seems as though the Dolphins were not very fond of Phillips’ sideline antics after Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots.

Although Phillips hasn’t necessarily had a breakout season yet, the release still comes as a surprise. Dolphins head coach Adam Gase made it very clear over the past year that they are not tolerating any antics that are going on off of the field, and they have stuck by that.

Just remember, this is the same team that traded away their veteran running back, Jay Ajayi for a third-rounder after he was coming off of a career season. There were rumors going on behind the scenes that Ajayi was causing problems in the locker room and with the coaching staff.

Phillips will now find himself on the free agency market this afternoon. Dolphins beat reporter Omar Kelly tweeted out the news around 4 pm EST. On Tuesday. Like many other NFL players do, Phillips sent out a personal message in light of his release via Instagram. The only difference is he threw a slight jab to the Dolphins organization on his story. Check it out.

Phillips’ Couldn’t Wait To Get Out

“Free at last” was Phillips immediate reaction to the news on social media. Although things weren’t going well for him in Miami, This isn’t a great look for Phillips as he will have to test free agency now. Following a sideline meltdown this past week, his social media antics won’t go over well with teams that could be potentially looking at him as a mid-season signing.

Also, seeing as though he only has five tackles, and a sack through four games, it’s going to be difficult for Phillips to find himself in a much better situation outside of Miami. But if he was really that unhappy there, then maybe a fresh start is what he truly needs.