Los Angeles Lakers Acknowledge Lack of Chemistry Early On

Getty Images Los Angeles Lakers ackowledge their lack of chemistry.

The hot topic on every major sports outlet on Friday is the Los Angeles Lakers debut with their new and improved roster. Along with their young talents, the Lakers added the most prominent free agent from the offseason in LeBron James, and also brought on another veteran mentor in Rajon Rondo. Despite the fact that LeBron James’ 26 point highlight reel is taking the internet by storm, the Lakers still took a loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

A major lack of defense by the Lakers allowed for the Trail Blazers to put up 128 points. Although the Lakers fast-paced offensive attack worked reasonably well, it wasn’t enough to pull off the win on the road. If Thursday nights debut for the Lakers is any indication, it’s going to take a lot more than LeBron James on the court to win games.

The chemistry was lacking, that’s apparent. You could see it on TV, and you could hear it from the players post-game press conferences. Although this Lakers team has been together for an entire offseason, it still didn’t seem like enough for them to completely gel in a season that contains 82 games. Lakers guard, Rajon Rondo approached the topic after the game and related to his past experiences when he was still a young player in the league.

What’s It Going to Take?

“We got to be patient like teachers are,” Rondo told The Undefeated. “Every student learns differently. Everyone is on their own pace. We have to learn guys’ strengths and weaknesses and we have to play to it.”

“We got to watch film and see where I could’ve got my shooters a couple more shots,”

According to The Undefeated’s Marc Spears, Rondo can’t help but recall how long it took for everybody to connect as a team back in his younger days with the Boston Celtics. And although Rondo and James may know that these things take time, they have to keep preaching it to their young players, so nobody takes a hit to their confidence.

LeBron had a strange, but a clear metaphor as he explained where the Lakers team chemistry is at right now. “Having chemistry doesn’t happen as fast as you guys think it’s going to happen. It’s not like instant oatmeal.” Fortunately, basketball has a long season. There’s plenty of time for the Lakers to get it right. And if there’s one player who isn’t panicked after one guy, It’s LeBron James.