Antonio Brown’s Kids: How Many Children Does Steelers WR Have?

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Antonio Brown is a busy man as the father of five children. According to TMZ, Brown has three children with girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss and two other kids from a previous relationship. Brown is the father of four sons and a daughter: Antanyiah, Antonio Jr., Autonomy, Ali and Apollo.

Brown looked to be on bad terms with Kyriss after posting this message this past offseason per Busted Coverage.

With all due respects any friends who consider @chelsie a friend should honestly help her vastly! She has two older kids Kellen Green 9 ; Brooklyn Green 7; she hasn’t seen or claimed in 4 years running around chasing me! Her Mom Lynn Kyriss and Todd Kyriss can not get ahold of her In regards of holding her accountable to her kids her family! Let’s not the internet confuse people upon her responsibility to her kids ! I ask that if you are her friend encourage her to take care all her kids not just mine and be a woman we know she capable of ! So we clear she’s my baby mama ! Shameika;Trice;Chelsie All mothers of my kids love y’all let’s be mothers to all ours not matter who I am. #MothersMatter#BeHonest #DontLie #Be100 #SoWeClear

Based on Kyriss’ Instagram posts, it looks like the two are back together.

Antonio Brown Is the Proud Father of 5 Children

Brown’s most recent child was born in 2017, and the wide receiver seems to have a sense of humor about his offspring. Brown joked about his strong sperm count in an interview with ESPN the Magazine.

“I was real skinny in high school,” Brown told ESPN. “I was real fast and explosive. I just didn’t really have a good nutrition plan, I didn’t understand how important it was to be healthy…That changed when I got to college — I put on 20 pounds of muscle. Now I like everything about my body. My calves are developing and getting strong — it’s definitely mango season. Mangoes have a nice, strong shape when they’re growing on the trees around this time, when they start plumping — just like my calves. Also, I’ve got a lot of kids, so my sperm count is good.”

The Steelers wide receiver has admitted he will not encourage his children to play football because of some of the health risks.

“Nah, don’t follow me playing football — that’s not what they need to do,” Brown told Steelers Wire. “I wouldn’t discourage them from playing, but I would tell them the facts. There’s a lot of things in the game that is not healthy. Obviously, I know how to work around those things, but the game is crazy right now. I wouldn’t advise my kids to play. Hopefully, I’ll work hard enough and make a lot of money so they don’t have to play and I could see them be successful in other things and support them through.”

Having an NFL career requires year-round dedication, but Brown notes he tries to include his kids in his routine as much as possible.

“Kids are amazing,” Brown told NFL Network. “I got four sons and one daughter. They imitate everything that they see daddy doing. I’m in the gym and they’re in the gym copying all my moves.”

Brown has reconnected with his own father, Eddie Brown, who was one of the top Arena Football League players of all time.

“Time always heals wounds,” Eddie Brown told ESPN. “I think he is starting to understand a lot more things but where he’s at now mentally, he feels there is no other bigger support system than having his dad by his side. And I’m honored. It’s about building that family tradition of doing things together.”

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