Dwyane Wade Trolls Isaiah Thomas on Instagram

Getty Images Dwayne Wade during his second stint with the Heat.

Nowadays, social media is great for fans to keep up with some of their favorite athletes. Not every professional player is heavily involved in their social media accounts, but there are a handful of guys who are typically active often. In this case, Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade keeps up with his social media life quite often.

It seems as though NBA players love Instagram. While a lot of things that these athletes do off of the court are entertaining for the typical fans, there’s nothing quite like an athlete trolling another athlete. I mean, we get to see trolls on the internet all the time, but it’s definitely a lot funnier when the trolling comes from somebody famous.

On Wednesday, Wade was riding in his car to find a unique clothing shop called “Jimmy AU’s,” which is a store that sells clothes for men that are under five-foot-eight inches tall. Naturally, Wade couldn’t help but think of his fellow teammate from his short stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Isaiah Thomas. Of course, Wade snapped a quick picture of the store and tagged Thomas in the photo on Wade’s Instagram story.

Wade Trolls Thomas

Ice cold move there by Dwyane Wade. At this point, short jokes are nothing new to Isaiah Thomas. We’re not exactly sure if he heard it a lot in the locker room during his playing days, but I’m pretty sure if he took a look at his mentions on any of his social media platforms there’s a good chance he’s seen hundreds of short jokes aimed towards him.

For those of you who are curious, Isaiah Thomas is actually listed to be above five-foot-eight by one inch. Therefore, Thomas would not be able to shop at Jimmy Au’s. It was definitely a good joke by Wade though. Thomas haters will surely have a field day with that one. It’s all love though from Wade.

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