Le’Veon Bell Tweets out His Support for James Conner

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We’re now more than halfway through the NFL season and Pittsburgh Steelers holdout Le’Veon Bell has yet to join his team. After ongoing contract disputes for the past year, the running back sure didn’t hold back this season, as he spent more than half of the year down in Miami.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Steelers backup James Conner burst onto the scene and turned into a star through the first nine weeks. Now, it’s at the point where the Steelers really don’t need Bell back, since Conner has shown the Steelers that he can, in fact, take over Bell’s role as the number one back. And although Bell is technically still a Steelers’ player, he is still paying attention.

This week, the Steelers are playing the Carolina Panthers at home on Thursday Night Football. While Bell is back in Pittsburgh, he’s not in attendance at Heinz Field. That doesn’t mean he isn’t watching the game from home, though. After both of his teammates, Juju Smith-Schuster and James Conner reached the end zone on Thursday, Bell tweeted out his support.

Bell Shows Love to His Teammates

Bell fired off these two tweets as both, Smith-Schuster, and Conner reached the end zone for the first time on Thursday night. As he sits at home like the rest of us fans, many are wondering if and when Bell is going to report to the Steelers facility. At this point, it really feels like he could skip out for the rest of the season. But some reports are going around that there’s a possibility that Bell returns next week.

Nobody truly knows at this point. Everything is just speculation, and we will never know when he is going to get back to playing football until he actually shows up and throws on his pads. At that point, the Steelers probably wouldn’t even know what to do. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that his teammates would welcome him back, but the situation in the backfield could get a bit awkward as Conner is doing an excellent job already.