Theo Riddick Fantasy: Lions’ RB Offers the Most Upside for Week 12

Getty Images Theo Riddick rushing against the Green Bay Packers

Just as the backfield situation in Detroit was finally settled, the Lions have another obstacle to overcome. When the season began, veteran running back LeGarrette Blount was called upon to take the lead in the backfield since he’s a nine-season veteran. Then, when they were ready, the Lions threw their 2018 second-round rookie Kerryon Johnson into the fire, and he ended up being as good as advertised from the draft.

Not everything can always last forever though. Of course, the Detroit Lions are hitting a roadblock as soon as Johnson begins hitting his stride. The rookie was averaging 5.4 yards-per-carry and had a total of 641 yards, and three touchdowns this season. Unfortunately, Johnson is looking to miss some time due to a knee injury. And with Week 12 being a short one for the Lions, there’s almost no chance that Johnson gets to play on Thanksgiving.

Now, the big question among the fantasy community is which Lions’ running back is worth playing? Will they go back to the original plan with Blount? Or will Theo Riddick once again offer ridiculous value for his production in the passing game out of the backfield?

Is Riddick the Answer for Week 12?

Last season, the Lions were confused with who they wanted to take on the majority of the carries. It was between Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick. Clearly, the Lions favored Riddick over Abdullah considering that Abdullah is no longer a member of the team. But this time around, will they prefer Riddick over Blount?

Let’s see – LeGarrette Blount has taken on 78 rushing attempts, while Riddick has only handled nine. So, it should be easy, right? Blount is the guy, and that’s that. Nope. Blount is struggling this season. Not only is he averaging a low 2.3 yards-per-carry, but he’s just got three touchdowns. If Blount cannot get red zone carries, then his fantasy value is almost useless.

Theo Riddick offers the best upside for this week. He may not lead the team in rushing attempts for the week, but he has been averaging at least five receptions a game, with 6.4 yards-per-catch. Are his numbers through the roof? Not quite. But then again, Riddick does take a backseat to Johnson and Blount for the most part. This week, the Lions will be limited with their usage for Blount. Riddick will be the change of pace back that picks up more yards on the ground, in the air and potentially more scores.

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