Jessie Moses, Jon Jones’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Jon Jones with his fiancee, Jessie Moses, in 2011.

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Jon Jones has been with his partner Jessie Moses for several years. The 31-year-old Jones was engaged to his girlfriend, Moses, in 2013, and he has called her both his fiancee and his wife on social media and during interviews. Jones and Moses have three children together.

Jones said they have a “phenomenal relationship” in a 2014 Deadspin profile. “We’re happy, man. We’re happy. We’re functional. We make a great team. She’s a phenomenal mother, caretaker. I’m a phenomenal provider, father. Team Jones,” he said.

Here’s what you need to know about Jon Jones and Jessie Moses:

1. Jones Proposed to Moses in on Easter in 2013

Jon Jones, Jessie Moses, Jon Jones Girlfriend, Jon Jones Fiancee, Jon Jones Wife

Jon Jones proposes to Jessie Moses in March 2013 as their two children look on. (Twitter)

After dating for several years, Jones proposed to Moses in 2013 on Easter, posting photos of their engagement on his Twitter account.

The couple never officially announced a wedding date and it is not clear if they are married. But during a recent Instagram spat with his longtime foe Daniel Cormeier, Jones called Moses his wife.

Jones splits his time between Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he trains, and Ithaca, New York, where Moses and his three daughters live.

2. She Is the Mother of His 3 Children

Jon Jones, Jessie Moses, Jon Jones Girlfriend, Jon Jones Fiancee, Jon Jones Wife


Moses, who is also 31, and Jones have three daughters together: Leah, born in 2008; Carmen, born in 2009; and Olivia Haven, born in 2013.

Their daughter Carmen is named after Jon’s sister, who died of brain cancer when she was young.

He told MMA Hot Stuff in 2010 that it’s tough being away from his daughters.

“With the girls being such a young age, not seeing them for even two weeks I miss out on a lot,” Jones said. “They change so much in that short amount of time. We Skype every day. I make funny videos for them to see daddy.”

Jones talked about his family in 2009:

Jones has also recently posted Christmas videos with Moses and their daughters:

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And he has posted several times about her and his daughters on social media:

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Everything I need, tremendously blessed.

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Great 4th with my girls.. ????

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3. Moses & Jones Met When They Were in High School

Jon Jones, Jessie Moses, Jon Jones Girlfriend, Jon Jones Fiancee, Jon Jones Wife


Moses and Jones began dating when they were at Endicott High School, near Binghamton, New York, according to Newsday.

Jones left Endicott to attend Iowa Central Community College, but the two continued to date, according to Deadspin, and Moses became pregnant with their first child while he was in school.

He began his MMA career in April 2008, months before Moses was expecting to give birth to Leah, partly because they were in need of money, according to Deadspin. He had won four fights by the time his first daughter was born.

Jones told Bleacher Report in 2017, “I needed to pay the bills. I thought it was really important to have something prepared when these kids came out.” He and Moses moved into her mother’s basement and he worked as a bouncer at a bar while pursuing his MMA dream.

“I was 19 years old. I went from being a guy with all these wrestling dreams to feeling like a complete waste of life. I had these two brothers who were still in college and who were starting to be whispered about being NFL players,” he told Bleacher Report. “And there I was, back in my hometown, working at the local bar, a dropout with one baby and one more on the way, running into all the kids who were still in college. I felt like even my parents didn’t believe in me at that point. I felt like no one believed in me but Jessie and her mom. I had to prove them right. I had to.”

4. Jones Credits Moses’ Mother With Teaching Him to Focus

Jon Jones, Jessie Moses, Jon Jones Girlfriend, Jon Jones Fiancee, Jon Jones Wife


Jones told Newsday in 2014 that it was Moses’ mother, Sheila Ryan, who helped shape the mindset that has led to much of his UFC success. He said:

“She was the first person that really taught me how to believe more and be confident and focus on your mind and your thoughts, positivity, goal-setting and things like that. She really taught me things about meditation and visualization and thinking great and thinking big,” Jones told Newsday. “My life was changed. I went from this kid who had all these insecurities to this kid who really thought he was gonna be great some day.”

Jones also gives credit to Moses for helping him in his career. He told MMA Hot Stuff in 2010:

This sport can turn you into somewhat of a celebrity. Leaving my parents’ home and going into this sport, could really confuse a young fighter. But being with Jessie it keeps things in check for me. It doesn’t get to my head, and I live the life of an older man. It keeps me in the house and grounded. Jessie is definitely a huge percentage of my success.

5. She Attended Broome Community College in New York

Jessie Moses, Jessie Moses Jon Jones, Jon Jones Fiancee, Jon Jones Wife, Jon Jones Girlfriend

Jon Jones with his fiancee, Jessie Moses, in 2010. (Getty)

In 2009, Moses graduated from Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York. She lists her job as “Full Time Mommy! :-)” on her Facebook page.

Moses has maintained a low profile during her relationship with her superstar husband, but Jon Jones has brought her up during interviews and she has found her way into the spotlight a few times in recent years.

In the run-up to UFC 197, Jones said during a UFC Embedded segment that he does not sleep with his wife during the month before a fight:

Jones also got into an Instagram scrap with his longtime rival Daniel Cormier about whose wife has a flatter backside. Jones commented to Cormier, “I could slap your wife on the ass and you could literally do nothing about it. You’re my bitch D.C. that will never change.” Cormier then took a shot at Moses, writing, “You couldn’t do sh*t you steroid abusing junkie! I swear I would never touch your wife’s flat ass lol.”

Jones responded by telling TMZ Sports, “He said my wife got a flat ass? She DOES have a flat ass … but I love it! Oh, I love it. It’s nice. It’s good. I love my wife’s flat ass!”

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