Kareem Hunt: Another Offseason Incident Will Beef up Suspension Time

Getty Images Kareem Hunt had a second incident pop up this week.

The Kansas City Chiefs sure made the right decision by waiving the second-year running back, Kareem Hunt this past Friday. As we are sure you have heard by now, the star running back landed himself in some trouble last February as he was involved in a physical altercation with a woman in a hotel in Cleveland. Although the Chiefs were made aware of the incident by Hunt during the offseason, the team would soon find out that the running back wasn’t very truthful about the event.

When the hotel security tapes of the incident were released on the internet via TMZ Sports, the Chiefs would find out the true story of what went down, as opposed to what Hunt initially told them. And after a few hours of pondering about the situation, Hunt would find himself dismissed from practice, and eventually waived from the team. Now, this is where it all gets interesting for the second-year veteran.

Clearly, Hunt is going to be serving some suspension time. As he has already been assigned to the commissioner’s exempt list, Hunt won’t be able to play for the rest of 2018. However, the former Chiefs running back will have the opportunity to get claimed on the waiver wire in the beginning of next week, despite being out. We saw it happen with former San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Reuben Foster last week. So, why wouldn’t it happen with Hunt?

Hunt Has a Second Incident Looming

The world maybe didn’t know all of the facts and the details on how crazy of an offseason Kareem Hunt had. Aside from his hotel incident, Hunt had another instance where he assaulted a man as well in June of 2018. Although that situation didn’t pop up right away, the NFL is well aware of what went down last summer, and they are investigating that evidence as well.

With the TMZ released videos landing Kareem Hunt into some trouble, the running back is expected to serve at least, a six-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy. But with the knowledge of a second incident, the NFL will also be investigating that situation in order to add to Hunt’s baseline suspension of six games, which would take place for next season.

Will Hunt Get Claimed?

According to sources with direct knowledge of the situation, Hunt faces more than the baseline six-game suspension for violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy. The league has also been investigating an incident where Hunt punched a man in the face in June and the NFL is believed to have found enough in that incident to add to Hunt’s discipline.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on the situation early on Sunday morning, which could one-hundred percent have an effect on Hunt’s next destination, if a team decides to take a chance on him. Many assumed that since Foster has been granted a second chance with the Washington Redskins, then Kareem Hunt may be just as lucky. With the second incident coming out of the woodworks though, Hunt may not be as fortunate.

As a football decision, Hunt still holds a ton of value for the future. But will putting a claim in for a guy who is going to miss the rest of this season, and a good chunk of the 2019 season really worth putting a claim in for? If a team isn’t very running back needy for now, then it could happen, but there’s seriously no guarantee that Hunt finds his second chance in the NFL. Not this soon, at least. With this second incident looming, it will be interesting to see how everything plays out for Hunt’s future this week when the waiver claims come in.

Hunt Is Considering Serving the Suspension Soon

With the second incident coming to the NFL’s attention, Kareem Hunt may skip all of the back-and-forth battles with the league, and ask to take the suspension sooner than later. As Hunt still hasn’t found out his future with the league yet, he may want to wait to see if he lands on a team first, and seek out adive from his new coaching staff and front office.

However, if Hunt doesn’t find himself a new team, it would be a wise decision to serve his suspension a lot sooner than later. With that, Hunt could find himself a new team through the free agency market, and could get an earlier return in 2019. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but it sounds like the former Chiefs running is leaning towards just taking the suspension as soon as possible to get it out of the way.

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