Is Kevin Durant Dating Model Amy Shehab? Did He & Cassandra Anderson Split?

Kevin Durant, Amy Shehab

Getty, Instagram Rumors have been swirling that Kevin Durant split up with girlfriend Cassandra Anderson for Instagram model Amy Shehab.

Kevin Durant’s personal life has been a topic of heated discussion lately, with many of his fans wondering who the Golden State Warriors player is dating lately. Durant is notoriously private when it comes to who he is dating, so the question remains: did he and girlfriend Cassandra Anderson split up? And is he seeing somebody else?

It’s been rumored that Durant broke up with Anderson back in October, although this hasn’t been confirmed by either party. Fans have been wondering what was going on between the two since the end of the NBA Finals, when Durant looks like he is hesitant to kiss Anderson, who was waiting to congratulate him on his big win. The interaction was the first time Durant acknowledged that he “might” be in a relationship with somebody, albeit an awkward, quick, peck-on-the-lips acknowledgement.

You can watch the video of the scene below:

Following the NBA Finals kiss in June, the two had primarily kept out of the spotlight, and it didn’t take long for reports of a split to start making headlines. It’s since been reported to that the two have parted ways, although details of the split are sparse.

According to an October report by Sports Gossip, a source told the publication: “It’s been over for Cass and KD, he likes everybody. Random models and singers. Looks like he’s playing the field.”

Although neither Durant nor Anderson have confirmed that they split up, rumors are swirling that Durant may be seeing another woman already, who just so happens to be Instagram model Amy Shehab, Chris Brown’s former nanny and ex-fling. It’s also been reported by Black Sports Online that Durant has been “sliding into those DM’s,” although they provide no proof besides a screenshot of Durant following Shehab on Instagram.

According to Sports Gossip, Durant has been liking several of Shehab’s photos on Instagram, which has fueled the rumors that Durant and Anderson broke up. Why else would a man in a committed relationship like another woman’s photos, unless they had broken up?

Sports Gossip has repeatedly stated that Durant liking Shehab’s pictures could be completely innocent, but it his “likes” spawned the rumors that Durant may have split up with Anderson for the Instagram model.

Speculation surrounding Durant’s personal life aren’t new. Because the basketball player keeps his private life, well … private, there have been rumors flying around about his romantic partners since his split with ex-fiancee and former WNBA player Monica Wright in 2014. After he and Wright called it quits, he has been rumored to be dating a few different people. During the 2017 season, Durant had been linked to former Warriors sideline reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude. She denied the two were dating in an interview withBauce Magazine.

So, speculation about Durant’s love life, including whether or not he is trying to start something up with Shehab, is pretty common amongst his fans. Knowing how private Durant is with his personal life, it may be a while before anything is confirmed by the basketball player or his potential new flame.

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