Lakers Should ‘Fear’ Clippers in Upcoming Anthony Davis Trade Talks?

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While the future of New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis remains up in the air, the rumors continue to swirl about how offseason trade talks could play out. The Los Angeles Lakers remain the primary focus, with the Boston Celtics providing plenty of storylines in their own right. But there may be at least one or two other teams worth keeping an eye on as the offseason approaches and the push to acquire Davis ramps up.

This would be the Los Angeles Clippers. Although the Clippers haven’t made the same headlines that Magic Johnson and company have when it comes to trade chatter, a few interesting points were made on the subject recently. During Monday’s segment of ESPN’s First Take, both Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith agreed with the fact that the Clippers are a team to watch in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes.

It even went as far as Kellerman stating that they are the “one team” the Lakers should fear in trade talks with the Pelicans.

“Here is the one team I would fear if I were the Lakers – here’s the one team where I might really take a gamble and give up the stuff I got to get AD and think I could keep him there, and that’s the Clippers,” Kellerman stated.

“Because the Clippers are run very well, they’re in Los Angeles and as much as people are like – that’s the little kid brand, that’s not the big boy brand in LA. Well, I’ll tell you what, if you get AD and you’re well-run and you have room for other free agents, all the sudden they could turn into the big boy brand in LA. That’s the one team that I’d be scared of if I were the Lakers.” he finished.

Doubling Down on Clippers-Anthony Davis Trade Talk

While Kellerman spearheaded the conversation on First Take about Davis being an intriguing fit with the Clippers, fellow analyst Stephen A. Smith pulled no punches with his comments either. Smith made an interesting point about the team’s focus and how badly they want to defeat the Lakers.

“You have people within the Clippers organization, led by Jerry West – it’s not a joke, it’s not a game, the kind of warfare they want to engage in against the Los Angeles Lakers. They want this bad. [Steve] Ballmer’s not playing, he’s got deep pockets, the man is worth over $21 billion dollars.” Smith stated.

It’s tough to disagree with this, although it’s an unknown whether Davis would sign longterm with the Clippers. That could be a key aspect of any potential conversation between the two sides. But on the surface, Jerry West and Steve Ballmer have set this team up for a big push in the immediate future, and it’s not unrealistic to believe that Davis could be a target.

Top Teams to Watch in Anthony Davis Trade Talks

The Lakers and Celtics are unquestionably the teams to monitor this offseason, and you could argue that Boston may even be the frontrunner. But if the Clippers do make a huge push for Davis, there’s a chance they could piece together a deal enticing enough to grab the Pelicans’ attention. The question would be whether that offer could top what the Lakers or Celtics could put on the table.

Even going one step further, the New York Knicks have a good chance at landing the No. 1 overall pick which could then be put into a trade package. If the potential to land a player like Zion Williamson along with additional young pieces is offered by the Knicks, that’s an appealing haul for Davis and one New Orleans would be wise to consider.

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