Dennis Schroder Hair: Why The Gold Patch for the Thunder Guard?

Getty Dennis Schroder #17 of the Oklahoma City Thunder brings the ball up court against the Sacramento Kings.

Dennis Schroder may not be the best point guard on the floor between Oklahoma City and Portland. The Thunder have All-Star Russell Westbrook, while the Trail Blazers counter with one of their own in Damon Lilliard.

One thing that neither have over the Thunder backup is, depending on who you ask, hairstyle. Schroder is sporting his signature gold patch on his hair, a look that has changed a bit over his 5-year career.

The point guard from Germany actually didn’t start the 2018-19 season with the look, but returned to it back in late February.

“I said when I get my baby, I’ll bring my golden patch back,” Schroder said, via Maddie Lee of The Oklahoman. “It’s on. I got my swag back.”

Earlier that week, Schroder and his girlfriend Ellen welcomed a baby boy. It was actually the third time a Thunder player welcomed a child into the world this season. Per Thunder Wire:

Schroder joined Russell Westbrook and Terrance Ferguson as the other two Thunder players to have welcomed in children this season with Ferguson also announcing his engagement, as well.

Prior to the birth of the child, Schroder cut his hair really short, but didn’t let people know it was about the baby. He told ESPN’s Royce Young that “the change won’t be permanent as we can expect to see the gold patch of hair make a return this season.”

The look returned, in a sense. When he brought back a blue and gold patch in October. The 6-foot-1 point guard debuted on his Instagram story his new look, as seen below in a tweet by Andrew Schlecht of CBS Sports Radio.

Now he’s back to the “normal” look of just a gold patch. On the season, he is averaging 15.5 points and 4 assists per game. He is a former 1st round pick out of Germany, first playing for the Atlanta Hawks.

He currently has just 11 points on 16 shots against the Trail Blazers Sunday. The Thunder trail deep in the fourth quarter.