Klay Thompson’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Klay Thompson Family

Getty Klay Thompson and his brothers, Mychel and Trayce.

On pace to be one of the most proficient three-point shooters in the history of the NBA, Klay Thompson can often felt forgotten about playing in the shadow of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. However, Thompson’s effectiveness as a player who can take over a game without the ball in his hands is truly what makes him so valuable to the Warriors.

Rather than needing to create off the dribble, Klay is content running around countless off-ball screens until one of the Warriors’ playmakers hits him for an open look. The constant need for defenses to account for Klay forces help defenders off Curry and Durant, making the Warriors that much more dangerous. It doesn’t hurt that Klay can erupt for an NBA record 37 points in a quarter, making him MUCH more than just a decoy to help get Curry and Durant better looks.

Off the court, Thompson is one of the NBA’s most beloved personalities. Extremely laid back and known for his peculiar antics, Klay is turning into a bit of a social media darling. From his hilarious antics in China to his random interview about New York City scaffolding, Thompson’s personality, much like his game, is extremely slept on.

So, just who are the family members to one of the NBA’s most interesting characters?

1. Klay Thompson Family: Who is Warriors Guard’s Dad?

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Klay Thompson’s dad is Mychal Thompson. Mychal was the former number one overall draft pick in the 1978 NBA Draft for the Portland Trail Blazers. Thompson would spend the bulk of his career with the Blazers and the Los Angeles Lakers, spending a brief year in San Antonio in between.

Mychal played alongside the Showtime Lakers in the 80s and won two rings playing with the historic team. While not the 20 ppg scorer he was in his days in Portland, Mychal filled his role perfectly for the Lakers as a versatile, high energy big man off the bench. After his playing days ended, Mychal turned to the booth and is now a color commentator for Laker games on the radio.

2. Klay Thompson Family: Who is Warriors Guard’s Mom?

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Klay Thompson’s mother is Julie Leslie. Given the athletic accomplishments of his father and brothers, it only makes sense that Thompson’s mother has some athletic genes as well. A former University of Portland and University of San Francisco volleyball player, Julie helped set an example that molded all of her sons into professional athletes. Klay’s older brother, Mychel, has talked a bit on the subject and helped to shed a bit of light into how the three athletes were raised.

“I guess when my dad met my mom and they were dating, he did say, ‘If we have kids, they probably will be professional athletes,’ because my mom was really athletic, too,” Mychel told Bleacher Report. “My mom said before we were born she would stay up all night trying to beat my dad in pingpong and pool, because my dad was good, I guess, when he was younger, so my mom would always play until she could beat him.

3. Klay Thompson Family: Who is Warriors Guard’s Older Brother?

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Klay Thompson’s older brother is Mychel Thompson, named after their father (but with an ‘e’ instead of an ‘a’). Mychel is also a basketball player and appeared in a few games for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2011-2012 season. Mychel would later return to the G-League where he would finish out his playing career. Most recently played in the 2016-2017 season with the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Mychel played his college ball at Pepperdine where he would average 14.6 points per game and 5.9 rebounds per game in his senior season, leading the team in both categories. Thompson finished his playing career at Pepperdine as the 14th leading scorer in program history.

4. Klay Thompson Family: Who is Warriors Guard’s Younger Brother?

Klay Thompson’s younger brother is Trayce Thompson. Trayce is currently an outfielder in the Cleveland Indians organization and is stationed at AAA Columbus. Trayce has seen some major league action in each of the past four seasons, playing with the White Sox, Dodgers, A’s, and White Sox again before finding himself in Cleveland.

On his career, Trayce has an average of .206 at the Major League level, putting him just above the notorious “Mendoza Line”. However, Thompson is mostly known as a defensive player who uses his exceptional athleticism to make some incredible plays in the outfield. While still young, Trayce needs to become a more consistent hitter in order to carve out a regular role in the Major Leagues.

5. Klay Thompson Loves His English Bulldog, Rocco

Thompson got Rocco when the puppy was only eight months old and raised and trained him personally. Now, Thompson even acknowledges that the two are inseparable. Rocco was actually the first to know about Thompson’s last extension with the Warriors.

“He didn’t know what it meant,” Thompson told the SF Gate. “That’s why I love him, though. He didn’t care the day before I signed the contract or the day of. He just loved me for me.”

You can often catch Klay and Rocco strolling through Berkely’s Cesar Chavez dog park, as the two go for walks and play games of fetch regularly at the Bay Area park.