Baker Mayfield’s Beer Chug Had Big Money Behind It

Getty Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Star Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield went viral over the weekend for an awesome moment at an Indians game where he bit open a beer and shotgunned it in record time.

The beer chug not only quenched Mayfield’s thirst, it also proved to be a big boon for the beer company involved. While it’s not clearly obvious what kind of beer Mayfield decided to slam down, The Action Network’s Darren Rovell noted that it was Miller Lite.

Rovell likes to put numbers to things and came up with a figure that was quite surprising associated with Baker’s beer chug.

“$3.37 million: Value for Miller Lite so far, in social, television, online news and digital from (Baker Mayfield) shotgunning the beer at the Indians game yesterday.”

Rovell cited Apex Marketing, an analytics company that analyzes sports and entertainment sponsorships, for the number.

The tweet left many scratching their heads, considering almost no one was looking at what type of beer it was. They were more focused on the QB’s hilarious mustache and the actual chug, which led to some foam exploding from the can and covering the logo.

Whether the number is significant or not, it wouldn’t be surprising if the QB ended up with a special delivery of Miller Lite on his front porch within the next few days.

Browns Head Coach Reacts to Baker Mayfield’s Beer Chug

Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens took notice of Mayfield’s incredible beer chugging and talked about it with reporters at training camp on Monday.

“It was very impressive,” Kitchens said with a smile. “I’d be worried about my tooth.”

He was then asked if he could pull it off, quickly responding with a “no” telling reporters he doesn’t drink beer anymore — which wasn’t quite the truth.

“That’s a lie,” Kitchens said, drawing giggles from the media scrum. “I told you all I wouldn’t lie. That’s a lie.”

Kitchens has been vocal about Mayfield’s leadership ability and has said he doesn’t want his quarterback to change one bit.

“Baker knows what he is doing. He is not just a guy that is just flying by the seat of his pants,” Kitchens said. “A lot of people confuse him with somebody that does not know what he is doing. He is not like that now. Don’t ever have a misconception about that. I want everybody to be themselves and then it is up to us to determine if we like that or not. We like Baker. We want him to continue doing what he is doing.”

Beer Named After Browns WR Duo Odell Beckham & Jarvis Landry

Mayfield is not the only Browns player being associated with beer.

Willoughby Brewing recently released a brew that will be a favorite of Browns fans all season long called “OBJ Juice,” which is a shoutout to Cleveland wide receivers and good buddies Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis “Juice” Landry.

Here’s how the brewery describes the beer.

“A juicy New England IPA, blessed with Sabro hops in anticipation of a season in prime time.”

If the beer goes down as smooth as Landry and Beckham are on the field, Willoughby Brewing will be selling out in a hurry.

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