Bo Nix’s Dad, Patrick Nix, Is a Former Auburn Quarterback

Instagram Bo Nix is following in his dad's footsteps at Auburn.

It was no surprise when Bo Nix committed to Auburn given his strong family ties to the program. Bo’s dad, Patrick Nix, was a former standout Auburn quarterback from 1992 to 1995.

Patrick’s best year came his senior season when he threw for 2,574 yards and 15 touchdowns for the Tigers. Bo’s grandfather was also a football coach at Georgia meaning the new Auburn quarterback comes from a football family. Patrick noted on The Paul Finebaum Show that there was no pressure on Bo to go to Auburn just because of the family connection.

“My wife and I, we really wanted Bo to do what was best for him,” Patrick explained, per 247 Sports. “We told him several times we wanted him to go to have the experience that we had, wherever he wants to go. It doesn’t have to be Auburn. He could have gone to Ohio State, Clemson, those were the final three he kinda came down to. We would have supported him and be happy any place he went…It might not have been Auburn, and he really went and visited the other places to see and gave it a true chance, but at the end of the day I think he really felt like that he could achieve every goal that he wanted at Auburn.”

Bo Nix’s Father, Patrick, Also Played During His Freshman Season at Auburn

While it is not the same as starting the season opener, Patrick played in the 1993 Iron Bowl after Stan White sustained an injury. Patrick played so well in the rivalry game that he ended up taking the job over for his sophomore season. The Associated Press described Patrick’s heroic freshman moment.

Patrick Nix responded with a 35-yard touchdown pass to Frank Sanders to spark a come-from-behind, 22-14 win over rival Alabama and complete an 11-0 season for an Auburn team that was ineligible for the postseason. He then took over the starting job the following season.

Bo Nix Was a Five-Star Recruit & No. 1 Ranked Dual-Threat Quarterback

Coming out of Pinson Valley High School, Bo was a highly-touted quarterback as a five-star recruit and No. 1 ranked signal-caller in the country. Bo received offers from a number of top programs including Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Florida State and LSU.

Bo’s ability to play as a freshman was enhanced after enrolling early at Auburn back in January. The new Auburn quarterback admitted that he intends to hurt teams with his leg as well as his arm.

“My biggest strength as a quarterback is probably the way that I can throw and move in the pocket and run all at the same time,” Bo explained to “I think it’s really important nowadays for a quarterback to be mobile and if they can throw and understand and process quickly and move around, then I think you have yourself a good quarterback. And I just try to fit my skillset with the offense. If I have to move around, I’ll move around. If I have to sit in the pocket and make throws, I’ll do that.”