Hard Knocks Star Gave Designer Break with Odell Beckham Era New York Giants

Getty Odell Beckham Jr.

Every star needs their big break to become mainstream.

Meet Conrad Sandiford.

Known professionally as Mr. Lavish, his Lavish Life brand has been worn by entertainers, boxers, football players and basketball players.

During a recent live taping of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, Mr. Lavish tells Scoop B Radio that former New York Giants player, Charles James put his brand’s name on the map in the New York Giants locker room.

For those tardy to the party:
James has a story himself. Currently an NFL free agent, James who went underafted, once went from living out of a motel, to a practice squad member, to “Hard Knocks” star.

Four years ago, James was scooped up by the Baltimore Ravens, placed on the practice squad and briefly on the 53-man roster before again being cut.

He returned to the Texans two days later and later started his first career game for an injured Kareem Jackson.

He was instrumental in that Texans locker room. Way before his time there, he was on the New York Giants’ practice squad and was just as influential.

He actually won the locker room over with a Lavish Life t-shirt that many on the team apparently wanted. The connection that James had with Mr. Lavish actually was a great marketing tool.

More via our conversation below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: I know there’s Charles James who played for the Giants at the time, Odell had just got drafted, and a bunch of other guys on the Giants, you kind of had your clothing in the Giants locker room back then. On a scale of 1 to 10, how cool is that?

Mr. Lavish: How cool was that? 10! On 10! Yeah, but that right there was big.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: How much were they ringing your phone trying to get some clothes?

Mr. Lavish: Man, I sold out all my inventory a week after that event. Immediately. Charles James put it on his Instagram, it was outta there. All the royal blue was gone, for Giants.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: They need it for their trip on the plane.

Mr. Lavish: Heavy. And you know what, he wore it regularly. He wore it at home with his dog and his kids. Regular, not just to promote, he liked the garment, he liked the whole idea of Lavish. And at that same party that Meek Mill was performing, that was my interim of the brand. It wasn’t even to the point where it was a whole brand yet, it was just tees, you know what I mean? Know it’s a brand, now we’re a total brand, but this is five years later. That was just T-shirts bro, and we got in that mix.