Tom Brady Rumors: Could He Be Chicago Bears’ QB in 2020?

Tom Brady Patriots

Getty New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

The latest quarterback to get thrown into the Chicago Bears rumor mill is none other than the GOAT: Tom Brady. After Adam Schefter went on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown and hypothesized that this year will be Brady’s last in New England, rumors began to swirl that Brady may not be retiring, but rather heading to another team.

For the Bears, it seems as though there’s a different quarterback linked to the team every week. With the poor and inconsistent play of first-round draft pick Mitchell Trubisky, the rumor mill is always grinding in Chicago, as well.

Tuesday, Bryan Perez of NBC Sports suggested that while Brady could very well be retiring at season’s end, he also may be preparing to head to another team–and that team could be the Chicago Bears.

Adam Schefter Suggests Brady’s Leaving New England

On ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, Schefter said this about Brady: “When we talk about Tom and his future, let’s look at some simple things. Has he put his home for sale? Yes. Has his trainer put up his home for sale? Yes. Has he set up his contract to void after the season to become a free agent? Yes. So if he’s selling his home and his trainer is selling his home and he’s voiding his contract, what does that tell you?”

Schefter also noted that none of these factors were guarantees of anything. While all of these things strongly suggest that Brady is heading towards retirement at the end of this season, Perez seems to think there’s a chance Brady would head to Chicago. Here’s why:

Brady Would Mesh Well in Chicago

Perez thinks there are three huge reasons Brady to the Bears is realistic:

“First, Chicago’s defense is in the second season of a legitimate championship window. And while there will be a few departures and some new faces added this offseason, the core will remain the same…Second, Brady has the kind of pinpoint accuracy to take advantage of wide receiver Allen Robinson’s my-ball skill set. He’d also force opposing defenses to respect the passing game, which by default will make the running game better…Third, and most important, Brady can stare Aaron Rodgers in the eyes and make him flinch. For the first time in modern franchise history, the Bears would have the best quarterback in the NFC North.”

While these three things are all true, it certainly seems as though Brady is planning to retire a Patriot. He has spent 20 years with the franchise and has been their cornerstone–it’s hard to picture Tom Terrific in any other jersey.

Perez acknowledges this and says that Brady to Chicago is still a reach. Perez also correctly surmises that the constant rumors about the Bears acquiring a new quarterback are due to the struggles of Trubisky. If Trubisky played as well as say, Gardner Minshew, the rumors would undoubtedly be much fewer and far between.

The thought of an all-time great quarterback heading to such a storied franchise is certainly an enticing one, but the weekly wonderings about whether the Bears can sign or trade for a different quarterback are more of a reflection on their current one than anything else.

Golic and Wingo Also Fueled Brady to Bears Rumors

On ESPN’s Golic and Wingo Tuesday, hosts Mike Golic and Trey Wingo discussed the reasons Brady may want to leave the Patriots. “There’s definitely part of ‘I wanna win without Bill,'” Golic said. Another is the element of challenge: Brady may feel that the ultimate accomplishment could be to go to another team–one with a strong defense and no franchise quarterback–and take them to the Super Bowl.

While it absolutely remains a far-reaching rumor at this point, that won’t stop people from continuing to toss it around.