Carson Wentz Has Surprising Take on His Quarterback Style

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Getty Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz.

Carson Wentz is enjoying one of his finest seasons to date. The Eagles quarterback is on pace to throw for the most passing yards in his short-yet-spectacular career.

Wentz, who inked a $128 million contract extension in the offseason, has endured season-ending injuries in his last two seasons and many have pinned them on his reckless style of play. They want him to slide instead of plowing ahead for the extra yard. They want him to stand tall in the pocket and throw the ball away when nothing is there. But that’s not how Wentz plays the game, and it’s definitely not what has fueled his recent success.

The quarterback sat down with Tom Buehring of the Christian Broadcasting Network to talk about his strong faith and athletic accomplishments. Wentz touched on a variety of topics, including his quarterback style and ability to extend plays with his legs. He admitted to making a more conscious effort of being a pocket passer, but that’s not going to stop his “gunslinging” roots.

“I think my quarterback style is unique and I want to be a pocket passer first but, you know, when I need to extend plays and do things with my legs I’ll definitely take advantage of that,” Wentz told Buehring. “But I feel like I’m a gunslinger, I’m willing to take chances, I’m willing to force passes here and there and playing with that mentality and just kind of playing freely out there.”

Wentz followed the answer up by saying it’s part of his personality. He likes to improvise and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

“I think that kind of abstract mind and kind of playing off schedule sometimes and improvising … I think it is definitely how my mind is and it’s always running, it’s always going, it’s always thinking of the next thing and that’s definitely how I play the game too,” Wentz said.

Wentz Refuses to Go Down, Sometimes Putting Himself in Harm’s Way

There was a collective gasp heard all over the Philadelphia area Sunday when Steve McLendon landed awkwardly on Carson Wentz’s flailing body. The quarterback had ample time to throw the ball away, but chose to hold it and make a spectacular play. Instead, his right leg gets caught under McClendon’s body and he took an unnecessary sack. Luckily, Wentz came out unscathed.

After the game, the quarterback admitted that maybe he should have gotten rid of the football there. It might seem logical to the non-athlete, but to a competitor like Wentz it’s not that simple. He’s always looking to turn garbage into gold.

“That fighter mentality: ‘I’m not going to go down and I’m going to make a play’ is something that I am always trying to juggle and balance,” Wentz told reporters. “It’s hard to say if those are times I’m [unwisely] fighting to get rid of the ball, to throw it away.”

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