Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Receives Jaw-Dropping Compliment From NFL Analyst


Getty Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson scrambling against the Seattle Seahawks.

In Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens traveled to the Pacific Northwest and were able to defeat the Seattle Seahawks 30-16. Jackson would throw for 143 yards on nine completions and added another 14 carries for 116 rushing yards.

At the 1:24 mark in the third quarter, the Ravens opted to go for it on 4th & 2, resulting in Jackson finding the end zone on a quarterback run.

After the game, Jackson was asked what he said to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh before crucial second-half play.

“I told him, ‘We’re going for it,’” Jackson later recounted. “I told him to go for it because we needed to score. We had moved the ball down the field twice. We’re not kicking a field goal because Russell Wilson’s getting the ball again, and if we didn’t score, it might look ugly.”

Lamar Jackson Tells John Harbaugh to Go For It On Fourth Down | Baltimore Ravens‘Hell Yeah, Coach! Let’s Go for It!’ See the moment when John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson decide to go for it on fourth-and-2 in Seattle and got an 8-yard touchdown. #BaltimoreRavens #Ravens #NFL Subscribe to the Baltimore Ravens YT Channel: goo.gl/uhx4ks For more Ravens videos: goo.gl/cK5cqF For more Ravens action: baltimoreravens.com/ Like us on Facebook:…2019-10-21T19:35:10.000Z

NFL Analyst Ryan Clark Says Lamar Jackson Is Best Running QB of All-Time

Last week, NFL analyst Ryan Clark was asked to give his opinion on Lamar Jackson and would share that he believes the Ravens signal-caller is the best rushing QB ever.

“He is the best running quarterback of all-time that includes Michael Vick, Cam Newton, anybody you put up against him. When you got people slipping on banana peels like this, you are that dude,” said Ryan Clark on Coast to Coast.

That is a massive compliment considering how talented Newton and Vick were as running quarterbacks.

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Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Thought Lamar Jackson Played Phenomenally

After last Sunday’s game, Pete Carroll addressed the media shared his opinion on Lamar Jackson’s performance against them.

“I thought we played really well on defense. I thought Lamar Jackson was phenomenal. It wasn’t on their designed runs, it was on the scramble runs, that he was so explosive, and he’s faster than he looked. When you saw him in person, he’s faster than we saw him on film. He was able to just find the space and get out of things.”

“There really weren’t any missed tackles. He just ran around people and found a way. I think they are doing a fantastic job with him in their offense. He’s totally unique, and they know it, and they’ve recognized it, and they’re playing ball with him. That’s a great factor,” said Pete Carroll in his opening statement after the loss to the Ravens.

Russell Wilson & Jadeveon Clowney Praise Lamar Jackson’s Play

Fellow NFL MVP candidate Russell Wilson thinks Jackson is a special talent and has been a fan of his since the Ravens quarterback played in college at the University of Louisville.

“Lamar can really run. He had some crazy runs. He’s really special out there, especially on some third downs and stuff. So he’s had a great season, he’s been playing great and always loved watching him in college and talked to him after the game, so he’s a tremendous football player,” said Wilson, per the Ravens official website.

Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has always wanted to play against Michael Vick in his heyday, but never got the opportunity. Clowney thinks Lamar Jackson is this generation’s version of the former Eagles and Falcons quarterback.

“It is. I always wanted to play against Michael Vick, I guess I’m getting the new era with Lamar Jackson right there. I’m a fan of him though. He’s still a great player, did his thing today and won the game.”

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