Lions’ Damon Harrison Understands Fans Frustrations

Damon Harrion

Getty Damon Harrison leaps to block a field goal.

The Detroit Lions have played in an average manner this season, going up and down week to week, and few from the squad have taken time to explain their own thoughts on what’s happened so far.

Damon Harrison, however, recently opened up after Detroit’s heartbreaking loss on the west coast to the Oakland Raiders. In response to a fan who was sounding off about their frustration during the 2019 season, Harrison provided a window into the feelings of the team. As it turns out, it’s unfair to simply brand the players as overpaid millionaires who don’t care.

Many folks don’t understand how the players take losing, and with Harrison’s reaction, it’s clear they are introspective and understand some of the frustrations of the fanbase this season and most seasons.

It’s nice to see Harrison embracing the fans continually and showing off his positive attitude. It’s clear the Lions are not fractured and continue to work hard.

Damon Harrison Explains Struggles

When he was acquired last year at the trade deadline, arguably, Harrison changed Detroit’s run defense himself, taking a group which was average and turning it into a group which was very stout up front as well as gritty.

This season, though, Harrison has gotten off to a slow start with the Lions. He and his team have been run over in the early season up front and aren’t stopping the run with consistency at all. As a whole, the group has been very below average and have been pushed around in the trenches so far this season. It’s something plenty are disappointed about, including Harrison.

So what’s been the problem? Harrison seems to think teams are bodying him up as much as they ever have, which isn’t an excuse, but something the lineman must account for.

“I would just say teams are doing a good job of making sure I’m accounted for. That hasn’t stopped me in the past and I don’t see why it should stop me now,” Harrison told the media about his slow start to the 2019 season.

Are they playing him any differently? Perhaps not exactly.

“I wouldn’t say differently. They’re just doing a good job of getting me off some things I am struggling with now,” he said, declining to mention what things those were specifically.

Regardless, Harrison is keenly aware that the team must turn things around on the defensive side of the ball.

Lions Defense Under the Gun

After Detroit was roughed up by the Raiders, the Lions slipped to near the bottom of the league in multiple categories. They are now second to last in total defense, giving up 424 yards per-game. Worse, the Lions have only forced 12 turnovers this season, which is a middle of the pack total. They haven’t gotten better at getting the ball back.

In terms of the rush, they have allowed 1,086 yards and are surrendering an ugly 135 yards per game on the ground. Those totals are good for a bottom 10 mark in the entire league against Detroit’s competition.

Obviously, some things have to change over the second half of the season in order for the Lions to claw back to potential contention for a possible playoff run.

Harrison clearly isn’t giving up, and the hope for him is likely that the fans don’t either.

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