Pro Bowl Salaries 2020: How Much Money Do NFL Players Make?

Pro Bowl Purse

Getty Pro Bowl players get a bonus for making the game.

NFL players that make the Pro Bowl get a week’s vacation in Orlando, but they also get a bit of extra money as an added bonus. The Pro Bowl money for each player is a difference of $35,000 depending on the winning and losing team. Players on the winning team make $70,000, while the losing team earn $35,000, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The total Pro Bowl purse is $4 million, per ESPN.

“Under terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each player on today’s winning Pro Bowl team receives $70,000, while each player on the losing team gets $35,000. Pro Bowl kicks off at 3 pm on ABC and ESPN,” Schefter tweeted.

It is a nice bonus for Pro Bowl players to add to their salary. The minimum NFL salary is $480,000, but the majority of Pro Bowlers are making much more than the minimum amount of money, per CNBC. The average NFL salary is $2.91 million, per Statista.

The Pro Bowl is the NFL’s version of an all-star game featuring the top players across the league. The only exception is that the two Super Bowl teams, Chiefs and 49ers, will not have any players in the Pro Bowl as both squads prepare for the championship matchup. After experimenting with a fantasy draft, the Pro Bowl is back to its traditional format of the rosters being split up by the AFC and NFC conferences.

The Ravens Tied an NFL Record With 13 Pro Bowl Players

The Ravens have the most Pro Bowl players this year with 13 and tied an NFL record for the most guys from one team as well. Lamar Jackson is the favorite to win the NFL MVP award and headlines the all-star contest. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh believes Jackson still has not played his best football.

“The things that he needs to work on, like any young quarterback, he’ll say ‘Everything.’ And it’s true,” Harbaugh told Sports Illustrated. “And then you prioritize, what’s the order? What’s the plan going to be moving forward to work on those things? And he’s really smart about that. He’s really self-critical. He really understands where he needs to improve in order for us to keep making steps as an offense. It’s really interesting to look at Lamar Jackson, because look at the progress he made in the last year.”

Russell Wilson Headlines the NFC Roster

Russell Wilson will be leading the NFC on the opposing side. Wilson told ESPN that he gave up his starting spot to Drew Brees in what could be potentially his last Pro Bowl. The Seahawks quarterback is hoping next season he will be playing again in the Super Bowl but is pleased to be making another Pro Bowl appearance.

“To go to two Super Bowls, to win one. We’ve got to capture that throughout the whole entire season going into next year,” Wilson noted, per “We’ve got to find ways to get better. We’ve got to find ways to get past just the first or second round of playoffs and get to the final push. That’s the reality. I know that’s why I play the game. I know that’s why a lot of guys in this locker room try to play for that and everything else. So we’ve got to get better and we will try to do everything we can to figure that out. It was a really good season. Would I say it was a great season? No. I would say it was a really good one. We got a lot more to do and a lot more things we want to focus on.”

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