Titans’ Ryan Succop & Wife Paige Find Humor In ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ Nickname

Instagram Ryan Succop, wife Paige Succop, and their two children

The Tennessee Titans take on the Chiefs for the AFC Championship game on Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. While the home team is predicted to win, led by superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, it would be silly to count out the Titans after they upset both the Ravens and Patriots on the road during the playoffs.

While the Titans are led by head coach Mike Vrabel and quarterback Ryan Tannehill, consistent throughout the 2019-20 season has been their kicker, Ryan Succop. While he was nicknamed “Mr. Irrelevant” after being drafted out of South Carolina by the Chiefs in the last round of the 2009 NFL Draft, the 33-year-old veteran takes the name in stride. And even though Succop was placed on IR, and kicker Greg Joseph will be taking his place in the playoffs. he finds humor in the moniker.

Succop said in a 2018 interview with reporter Jim Wyatt Succop, “For me, I always looked at it as an opportunity. I think some people could look at that, the name Mr. Irrelevant, and you could take that as a little bit of a negative or a slap in the face. But for me, I looked at it as ‘Hey, only two kickers were drafted that year.’ So I looked at it as an opportunity to chase my dream to play in the NFL. It was an opportunity and you take them and run with them no matter what they look like.”

After being released by the Chiefs, and the Titans were eyeing to pick up the kicker in 2014, Succop first discussed the option with his family, which at the time included his wife, Paige Succop, whom he dated throughout college and married in July 2011, and their son Cooper. Packing up and moving to a new city was not something Succop would agree to if his loved ones weren’t on board.

“It’s been really cool to see God’s hand in it, and the plan He’s had for my life, and for my family,” Succop said. “He’s blessed us in ways more than we could ever imagine when we came here. We found a home here in Nashville. We love our teammates and the organization and we love the city of Nashville. So this is great for our family and we couldn’t be happier.”

When Succop signed with the Titans, Paige and Cooper were right by his side, and daughter Reese was due the following month. Throughout his 12 year tenure in the NFL, Succop has relied on his family to keep his spirits up and to motivate him throughout the season.

Paige, who’s originally from South Carolina, has kept her husband grounded both through her support and Christian faith. She shared in the NFL Wife Handbook, “There is nothing that we will face in life that He has not faced before us!”

Succop Always Makes Time For His Wife & Kids Throughout The NFL Season

While some NFL players are completely unavailable to their family during the active season, once glance at Succop’s Instagram page and it’s clear that the kicker makes sure to carve out special time with his wife and kids. And the love is reciprocated.

Paige is regularly seen at not just the big games, but she brings both kids to practice to watch their Dad play and to have fun on the field. At home, the fun keeps going, and Succop already has son practicing field goals in the living room.

As for the nickname, Mr. Irrelevant sticking around Succop said, “”When you have those humble beginnings of being Mr. Irrelevant, it makes you even more thankful I think. I think that ended up being a blessing for me, really, a little bit of motivation. You get a name like that and you kind of want to prove everybody wrong.”

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