Ex-Cowboys Star Has Astonishing Contract Prediction for Dak Prescott [WATCH]

Dak Prescott

Getty The Dallas Cowboys will likely franchise tag Dak Prescott in the offseason.

Not only will Dak Prescott sign a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys, opines former teammate Orlando Scandrick, but he’s primed to rewrite the NFL record book.

The ex-longtime Cowboys cornerback, appearing Tuesday on FS1’s Speak for Yourself, predicted a gargantuan windfall for Prescott, an unrestricted free agent.

“He’ll be the richest quarterback in NFL history,” Scandrick said, to some blowback from co-host Jason Whitlock. “I’m willing to say that he’s going to get more than $35 million in his new deal.”

Whitlock doesn’t believe Jerry Jones is the “crazy owner” who would fork over that kind of cash, and he pointed to the sides’ lack of communication since September as an ominous sign in contentious talks.

“To me, it’s like a husband and wife. They start sleeping in other rooms because they’re mad at each other,” Whitlock said. “Then the thing goes on so long, and a smart husband would be like, ‘What is she up to?!’ And I’m telling you, the Cowboys are up to something. New head coach and this quarterback going 8-8 in an alleged career year. You start looking around; maybe Tom Brady or [drafting] somebody. The longer this goes without them talking, I just think there’s a 10 percent chance Dak’s not their starting quarterback.”

Scandrick wasn’t buying the metaphor, however.

“Oh, it sounds good. It all sounds good,” he said. “We wanna say they don’t talk, like a husband and a wife, but you gotta take emotion out of all of this. When you talk about $150 million, there is no emotion in this. This is straight business.”

He then doubled down on Twitter, planting his flag in Prescott’s corner.

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Stephen Jones Confirms Concerning News on Dak Deal

Earlier this month, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported the two-time Pro Bowl signal-caller, slated to hit the open market March 18, last received an offer from the team way back in September — a supposed $33 million-per-year offer he promptly rejected.

On Monday, speaking before the NFL Scouting Combine kicked off, Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones affirmed the report as correct, revealing the sides haven’t spoken since.

“It just kind of stopped. We kind of left it where it was,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I wouldn’t say there was anything acrimonious. I guess they felt they were done where they were. We felt like we were where we were. We never really got going again.”

Prescott is represented by CAA superagent Todd France, who’s communicated to the Cowboys his client’s contractual desires. If he cannot land $40 million annually on his next deal, an alleged demand, his baseline is surpassing Seattle’s Russell Wilson, the league’s highest-paid QB at $35 million per year, the Star-Telegram reported.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport previously reported that Dallas is attempting to “buck history” by locking down Prescott prior to March 12, the deadline to apply the expected franchise tag. Jones wouldn’t reveal which tag — exclusive or non-exclusive — would be used on Prescott, only that he continues to remain hopeful of an agreement.

“Our goal is to get it done with Dak,” he said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I know he wants to be here. We want him to be here long-term. He’s our guy.”

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