Patriots Trade for Odell Beckham Called ‘More Likely’ Than Stefon Diggs

Bill Belichick

Getty The Patriots could pull off a trade for Odell Beckham Jr.

The New England Patriots could be in the mix to make a big-time trade for Cleveland Browns star wideout Odell Beckham Jr., although nothing has been close to being confirmed.

According to a prediction made by Greg A. Bedard of The Boston Sports Journal, the Patriots potential to trade for Beckham over someone like Minnesota Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs is “much more likely.”

“I’d like Stefon Diggs more for the salary but the Browns are much more likely to deal Beckham with their Moneyball approach. No, I don’t like the diva attitude, but for Brady he’ll keep it in check for a while like Randy Moss and then can be easily cut when (not if) he becomes a problem. Will cost the first-round pick.”

Beckham is coming off of his worst statistical season as a pro. He caught just 74 passes for 1,035 yards and four touchdowns in his first season as a member of the Browns. All three of those categories are career-lows for Beckham outside of his injury-plagued 2017 season.

The 27-year-old wideout has been involved in speculation he could be on his way out of Cleveland. In fact, he fueled the speculation during the last month of the season when he refused to commit to the Browns when it came to questions regarding his future.

“No one knows what the future holds tomorrow. I couldn’t tell you what’s going to happen,” Beckham told reporters in December. “I couldn’t tell you. My locker is right next to one of the people that mean the most to me in the world (Jarvis Landry). I think about coming to work and seeing him every single day and how special this could be, so I couldn’t sit here and tell you whether I’m going to be here, want to be here, don’t want to be here. This is exactly where I’m at right now, and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. God has a plan. In the offseason, everything will figure itself out.”

The fact that Beckham has given Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots glowing praise in the past just further fuels the idea that the receiver could be on his way to New England. The young receiver revealed his admiration for Brady and Belichick prior to the Browns’ regular season matchup with New England this past season.

“I have a love-hate relationship for him (Tom Brady), because they beat any and every team I ever wanted to win a Super Bowl,” Beckham said. “The team I was watching as a kid, loved them, and then they beat them. I was always rooting for him because I loved to see him succeed but I always wanted someone to take them.

Going against Bill Belichick, this is somebody who I have much respect for. Probably talk to him before and after the game. He tells me the same thing every time, he’s like: ‘I hope you enjoy today because there’s not going to be much for you.’ That’s what he’s told me and that’s what he does every single time. It’s just tough. He’s going to coach it up and they’re going to be ready and prepared.”

Needless to say, if the Patriots can pull off a deal for Beckham, I don’t think Brady will complain about the team’s lack of weapons.

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