Seahawks Reveal Focus of NFL Free Agency Plans

Pete Carroll John Schneider

Getty The Seahawks are expected to make additional roster moves.

The Seahawks’ pass rush has been one of the signature units of the team since Pete Carroll arrived in Seattle. Yet, last season’s Seahawks team failed to disrupt the passer and GM John Schneider made no secret about the fact that the franchise is looking to improve the pass rush this offseason.

“We need to improve our pass rush,” Schneider noted at the NFL Combine, per The News Tribune’s Gregg Bell.

Jadeveon Clowney remains the Seahawks top priority in free agency and the pass rusher is one of the best players on the market. Even if the Seahawks re-sign Clowney, last season showed the team needs more help on the defensive line. Schneider made it clear that this is more than a one-person job.

“It was hard to figure out,” Schneider noted, per “You know, we were moving the quarterback, we just weren’t necessarily—the sack numbers just weren’t there. You know, some people, some analytics people, would say sacks end drives, so sacks are important. And then some analytics guys would say, as long as you are moving the quarterback you are fine. But, we just have to play better on defense. And obviously it starts up front. There wasn’t one or two things. It was kind of like, a bunch of things.”

Pete Carroll Admitted That the Pass Rush Will Be the “Focal Point” of the Offseason

Carroll’s comments during the NFL Combine reiterated what Schneider emphasized on the need to improve the pass rush. Carroll explained that the pass rush will be the “focal point” of the offseason.

“That’s definitely the focal point and it has to be,” Carroll told ESPN 710 Seattle. “That’s why the work being done now early is crucial and (Seahawks general manager John Schneider) is on it and is going to take us as far as he can. We’re very open to the other opportunities that are out there and we’re on everything … it’s a really grueling, busy time for (the front office). They are busting (their tails) to get started just to get the combine underway.”

Carroll Noted That There Are a “Half-Dozen Guys” Available in Free Agency That Could Help the Seahawks’ Pass Rush

Without naming names, Carroll noted that there are a number of intriguing players in free agency that could be fits for the Seahawks pass rush. Carroll said there are a “half-dozen guys that we’re looking at” in free agency that can get to the quarterback.

“There’s a pretty good group of guys and it’s going to be pretty interesting to see how that all comes down,” Carroll said, per 710 ESPN Seattle. “There’s a half-dozen guys that we’re looking at for sure that have been effective and put up some numbers and could add to our club and could help us, so we just have to see how it sorts out.”

The Seahawks are projected to have a sizable amount of available cap space in free agency. Over the Cap estimates the Seahawks have $44.6 million while Spotrac’s projections have Seattle with more than $59.7 million of cap space. It will be interesting to see how many pass rushers the Seahawks are able to add both in free agency and the NFL draft.