Celtics’ Paul Pierce Reveals He Hasn’t Watched Game Seven of 2010 NBA Finals

Getty Images Former Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce.

In 2010  Paul Pierce were looking to capture their second NBA Champion in a rematch again Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA 2008 Finals. Unfortunately, Pierce and Celtics would fall short in seven games, and Kobe Bryant and the Lakers would secure the franchise 16th championship.

Paul Pierce, still to this day, has not watched game seven of that NBA Final. The future Hall of Famer revealed on the latest episode of the All the Smoke Podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

“I still have not watched that Game 7,” Paul Pierce said. “We were up double digits in that game, I still haven’t watched it to this day … I don’t know if I could. I’m like looking at what could’ve been a second championship, I don’t think I’ll ever watch that game.”

During his career, ‘The Truth’ was a 10-time All-Star all with the Boston Celtics, and when he was traded in 2013 to the Brooklyn Nets, Pierce left Boston as the all-time leader in 3-point field goals made, free-throws made, and steals. Pierce over the course of his 18 seasons in the NBA, averaged 19.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 3.5 assists in 1,343 games with four different franchises [Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers].

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Paul Pierce after retiring from the NBA has stayed close to the game as an NBA Analyst with ESPN. The 2008 Finals MVP recent spoke with Anthony Adams of The Players’ Tribune to discuss what life has been like for Pierce since he has retired.

“I was fortunate enough to plan my retirement, but sometimes, as athletes, you don’t retire from the game, the game retires you,” Pierce told Adams, along with fellow NBA veteran Shawn Marion. “I played in the NBA 19 years and so that’s all I really did. So, it’s hard for me to wake up and do nothing. Y’all know I work with ESPN right now. And I made some good investments, I made some bad investments. It’s always a risk at that.”

Pierce was also asked about being an entrepreneur and a businessman.

“It’s a different type of focus now,” Pierce said. “It’s nothing compared to waking up, six in the morning, lifting weights, running, doing all that stuff. I’m over it. In (NBA) contract, you couldn’t do skis, snowmobiling, skydive. “So now, like I’m currently trying to do stuff I couldn’t do. I’m nice with it too I can give you the ‘S,’” Pierce said humorously, while showcasing the footwork he clearly has on a pair of skis.

He will have a lot of time to focus on his business ventures due to the coronavirus confining people to their homes. The Celtic legend is prepared though, he shared via his Instagram story that he was at the store stockpiling food and other items.

“This coronavirus got me in the store like stocking up. I’m about to be in the house, ya’ll just stay safe out there, for real,” Paul Pierce said in a short IG story clip, as he was seen pushing a cart filled with groceries.