Conor McGregor Blasts Jon Jones in Bizarre Rant [LOOK]

Conor McGregor and Jon Jones


Conor McGregor blasted UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in a bizarre Twitter rant Saturday that was intended to be McGregor’s list of greatest of all-time (GOAT) MMA fighters but somehow turned instead into the Irish superstar lobbing multiple criticisms at the American.

First, McGregor blasted Jones for “attempting to safe play” his entry into the heavyweight division by “avoiding its champion” Stipe Miocic.

Next, McGregor claimed Jones’ career was full of “multiple” lackluster performances.

Finally, McGregor said Jones needed to: “shake repetitive iddybiddy knee kick habit he has, learn to box backwards, take divisional jump fearlessly, then most important of all, win it in full style.”

Jones replied a short time later by saying, “I’m not going to debate on who is the goat, I’ll let the fans do that for me.”

McGregor’s MMA GOAT List and Commentary

Ultimately, McGregor ranked Jones No. 4 on his list behind Anderson Silva, himself and Georges St-Pierre, though he admitted Jones might be tied for the No. 3 spot with St-Pierre.

McGregor said Anderson Silva was the No. 1 MMA fighter of all time and tabbed himself at No. 2, though he suggested he actually might be tied for No. 1 already. Additionally, McGregor said he’d “easily” be No. 1 by the end of his career.

Next, McGregor explained his reasoning behind ranking St-Pierre in the No. 3 spot.

After that, McGregor tabbed Jones at No. 4 and provided his many criticisms of Jones’ style and career.

Additionally, McGregor commented on performance-enhancing drug use in MMA and how it relates to his MMA GOAT discussion.

Later, McGregor explained more about why he ranks Silva No. 1 on his list and how he sees himself as the same type of exciting fighter as Silva.

McGregor’s Explanation of Ranking Jones at No. 4

McGregor offered more unfiltered thoughts and opinions about Jones after being prompted by one of his social media followers, and within those comments were some of the reasons McGregor ranks himself higher than Jones on his GOAT list.

In short, McGregor doesn’t enjoy Jones’ patented knee kicks and doesn’t believe Jones has the ability to box moving backward.

Additionally, McGregor believes Jones should have been gunning for heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic over No. 2 contender Francis Ngannou and that Jones should “win it in full style”.

Nevermind the fact that Miocic is already basically booked to face Daniel Cormier next so the two men can complete their heavyweight championship trilogy.

Later, McGregor posted more rationale for why he ranked Jones No. 4 behind Silva, himself and St-Pierre, pointing to the light heavyweight champ’s lack of stoppages over common Silva opponents.

McGregor Blasting Jones Seems Unnecessary

It was a strange and unnecessary move for McGregor.

While ranking the all-time best MMA fighters is usually just a fun debate to have when bored, McGregor somehow turned this share of his personal list into publically berating one of his contemporaries for what appears to be no good reason.

The rant would make more sense if McGregor was trying to land a fight against Jones, but the American is so much bigger than McGregor that it’s virtually impossible.

Besides, while Jones doesn’t possess the absurdly large fanbase McGregor does, he’s also basically never lost a fight as a professional MMA athlete.

McGregor has suffered four defeats throughout his 12-year MMA career. Additionally, McGregor lost via 10th-round stoppage to Floyd Mayweather Jr. inside a boxing ring back in August 2017.

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