Lions Lineman Offers Powerful Statements About Protests

Tyrell Crosby

Getty Tyrell Crosby answers questions during the NFL Combine.

It’s been a weekend unlike many other in American history, with plenty of demonstrations breaking out across the country following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and sports figures everywhere including several Detroit Lions are chiming in with their takes.

Offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby, who has been vocal about the need for change and the power of protest on social media, was frustrated by the direction the events took when many turned violent overnight. While Crosby strongly believes the peaceful protests and demonstrations are needed, he took to Twitter to admonish those who are needlessly destroying property and hijacking such events to do senseless damage, saying it does more harm than good to the overall message.

Protests across the nation over the weekend turned violent as the sun went down all over the country, but a few communities in the state which Crosby works were hit particularly hard. Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan had rough Saturday nights with multiple fires set, windows broken and businesses looted and vandalized. Things seem to have calmed in both places overall, but plenty of damage has been done.

Crosby also shared a great take in a thread he posted on Twitter, capturing perfectly the feelings many African Americans have with regards to police interactions.

Obviously, Crosby’s message is simple. Things have to change in a big way, but mixing additional violence with that message to achieve the goal is hardly the answer.

The violence following peaceful demonstrations clearly doesn’t sit well with Crosby, who aptly described the perpetrators of such acts as punks while remaining thoughtful on the entire matter. Folks should heed Crosby’s powerful words, because they are right on the money in this situation.

Tyrell Crosby Biography

Crosby, an offensive tackle, was one of the better value picks of the 2018 NFL Draft for the Lions. He was a second round talent that managed to slip all the way to the fifth round, where Detroit snapped him up. After a solid career with the Oregon Ducks, Crosby has been transitioning to the NFL, and has been doing a nice job to get himself into the mix as the team’s swing tackle.

Though Crosby has only played in 26 NFL games and started 7, he’s still shaping up to have an important role along Detroit’s line in the future. Crosby has been called upon in the event of injury before, and has done a nice job to step up and hold down the fort for the team in the meantime.

More than that, he is becoming one of the best young voices on the team from a leadership standpoint as his thoughtful commentary on these matters proves.

Tyrell Crosby’s Pool Jump Showcases Athleticism

On a much lighter note, Crosby recently showed off an insane video in which he lunges out of a pool without using his arms. It’s a clear example of leg strength and leg drive, a few of the most important things for an offensive lineman to have on his side. Obviously, Crosby hasn’t been skipping leg day.

As he said, the feat was “not bad” but it’s clear it was a lot more than that considering most can’t even get in and out of a pool without being careful. Crosby explained it was about a 48″ vertical that got him out.

Safe to say Crosby could become an internet sensation with moves like this, but in actuality, he should go viral for the thoughtful way he approaches serious societal issues.

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