Kylian Mbappe Injured After ‘Horrific Tackle’ At the French Cup

kylian mbappe injury

Heavy/Getty Kylian Mbappe sprinting towards the ball at a 2019 football match.

Kylian Mbappe suffered an ankle injury when he was roughly tackled during the French Cup Friday, leading to a moment that had Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fans holding their breath and many still worried today.

The 21-year-old French footballer joined PSG as a forward in 2017 where, in the past few years, he established himself as a reliable starter and according to History-Biography, ” was part of the nomination that won the qualification of the French national team to the 2018 World Cup.”

His performance in the past year had been excellent, slowed down only by the pause of the season due to coronavirus; however, he was recently named the EA Sports 21 cover star and some superstitious fans are wondering if that doomed him, according to NBC.

Here’s what we know about his injury:

Mbappe Was Injured During French Cup Competition

In the 23rd minute of the match, Mbappe – famous for his speed – was rushing toward St. Etienne’s goal when Loic Perrin tackled him and they both went down. A slow-motion replay revealed that Mbappe ankle had been pressured and bent at an odd angle by Perrin’s falling knee, causing Mbappe considerable pain.

As the referee rushed forward with a yellow card, fellow PSG players began pushing and shoving St. Etienne players, resulting in a brawl and several tense moments after the two teams were separated. Some fans tweeted their disappointment that the ref initially threw up a yellow card instead of the heavier-penalty red card, considering the tackle led to an injury; after a video review, the referee changed it to a red card.

Mbappe was in a great deal of pain as PSG medical staff helped him off the field. According to NBC Sports, the star player seemed “distressed” and “close to tears.” However, he reappeared on crutches during the second half of the match with his right foot wrapped up.

According to NBC Sports, “Mbappe has been in sensational form for PSG all season long and if the French giants lose him to injury, it puts a huge dent in their hopes to finally win the Champions League.”

PSG faces Atalanta on August 12 for their first game at the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

PSG went on to win the match and the French Cup, even though their win was overshadowed by the loss of Mbappe.

Mbappe Has Come Back from Injury Before

Mbappe was one of the youngest players to compete in the World Cup at age 19 and in 2018, and he surprised and endeared himself to fans even more by agreeing to donate any money he made during the World Cup to charity.

Mbappe’s level of play has exceeded everyone’s expectations and even his own, as evidence by an ESPN interview he did, where he said: “It is unbelievable. It is the dream of dreams, the dream of the future, everything,” Mbappe told ESPN. “I don’t have the words. Not even in my wildest dreams, and I am a big dreamer, would I have imagined this. There is still one more step to take, but we are proud of what we have done.”

According to Transfer Market, Mbappe has experienced an injury nine times since January 2016, the longest of which was a head injury that took him 35 days to recover from and the other being a hamstring injury that forced him to sit out five games. That hamstring injury occurred last year and it left Mbappe out for five weeks, Bleacher Report said.

According to PGSTalk, Mbappe was using crutches for four days before he started rehabbing the injury. However, fans were relieved to watch him team up with PGS’ other superstar player, Neyman Jr., to set up the match’s only goal.

With the UEFA Champions League beginning in mere weeks, fans are hoping Mbappe will be back in form by the start of the championship.

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