Lions Rookie Shows off Impressive Pool Jump Video [WATCH]

Jonah Jackson

Getty Jonah Jackson blocking for Rugters in 2017.

The Detroit Lions had a goal of getting tougher and more athletic this offseason along their offensive line and it seems to be mission accomplished on that front.

Early in the NFL Draft, the team traded up to select Jonah Jackson, an offensive lineman from Ohio State. Jackson was a physical player with the Buckeyes and he has shown that his body is ready to help the team protect Matthew Stafford and get a running game going.

Recently, Jackson showed off his hops by leaping out of a pool without any type of a running start.

Here’s a look, with some coarse language included:

As Jackson points out, he is 310 pounds, and this feat is impressive for a man of any size let alone someone that size.

The Lions hope Jackson can be physical up front and it’s clear looking at his leg drive in this video that will not be an issue.

Tyrell Crosby Shares Pool Jump

Offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby recently showed off his own video in which he lunges out of a pool without using his arms. It’s a clear example of leg strength and leg drive, a few of the most important things for an offensive lineman to have on his side. Obviously, Crosby hasn’t been skipping leg day.

As he said, the feat was “not bad” but it’s clear it was a lot more than that considering most can’t even get in and out of a pool without being careful. Crosby explained it was about a 48″ vertical that got him out.

Safe to say Crosby could become an internet sensation with moves like this, and he’s got some competition from his rookie line mate.

Jonah Jackson Called Lions Draft Steal

Detroit might have been able to steal multiple players along the way as they set out to craft their roster in the draft. Pro Football Focus took a look at naming the biggest steals in the entire draft, and the site credited the Lions with finding a pair this year, more than any other team in the NFL at this point.

The first steal they identified was Julian Okwara, an edge rusher that PFF was extremely high on as the No. 28 overall player on their board Detroit got at pick 63. Here’s what Anthony Treash wrote:

“Although he suffered a season-ending injury in Week 11 this past year, there’s no reason Okwara should have been available in the third round. With his explosiveness off the line, overall athleticism and long arms, Okwara was a first-round talent in this draft. Prior to getting hurt, Okwara was having one of the top seasons in college football at his position by owning an elite 90.4 pass-rush grade.”

From there, the Lions didn’t have to wait long to find their next steal. They traded up to get him in Jackson, a player credited as one of the best pass defending guards in the draft and PFF’s 40th rated player. The Lions scored him with pick 75.

“No one in this draft class has better pass sets than Jonah Jackson. He gets on defensive linemen rapidly and can play anywhere along the interior. While playing for Rutgers and Ohio State the past few years, Jackson logged snaps at every interior position and performed incredibly well in pass protection, recording a pass-blocking grade on true pass sets above the 90th percentile. He’s the best pass-protecting interior lineman in this class.”

Obviously, the Lions hope these players, along with the others they selected, help infuse some much needed talent on their team. If they end up getting better in the years ahead as a result of these players, it will only merely prove the point they were perhaps a bit underrated.

Jackson will not be underrated for long if his play matches his videos like this.

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