Ravens’ Justin Tucker Named Contender for Top NFL Award

Justin Tucker

Getty Justin Tucker celebrates with the Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens have last season’s reigning MVP on their roster in Lamar Jackson, and the odds are already good that Jackson repeats for the award.

But what if he doesn’t? In that scenario, who has the edge across the league? Recently, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell revealed a list of 260 players that could make the cut as a potential league MVP in the event that Jackson doesn’t take home the award. Naturally, Jackson is still in the mix, but interestingly enough, Barnwell thinks one of his teammates should be as well.

That teammate? Kicker Justin Tucker. Out of all the kickers that could be in play for the award, Barnwell sees Tucker as the best bet to be favored from that group during this coming season.

Barnwell wrote:

“The brilliant Ravens kicker wasn’t as important last season, given how effective Lamar Jackson was in leading the Baltimore offense to touchdowns, but Tucker is the perennial favorite to lead the league in field goal percentage. Nobody is rooting for Jackson to get hurt or decline, but if the Ravens were great in a short season and Tucker won them five games with late kicks, he would get meaningful MVP consideration.”

Most Ravens fans would agree that Tucker should get meaningful MVP consideration anyway, but it’s nice to see him on a national list prior to the 2020 season. Obviously, if Tucker gets things off to a booming start with his leg as could be expected, he could work his way into the mix for such an award.

Tucker is already a fan favorite, so this is the type of candidacy the fans would likely love to get behind.

Justin Tucker NFL’s Most Consistent Kicker

Tucker is so good, in fact, he is nothing if not a model of complete consistency for the team. Since 2016, the Ravens’ kicker has put up the same amount of points right through to 2019. It’s a great stat that was recently brought to light by Bo Smolka.

Tucker has been great this season, but it’s not as if he hasn’t been just as great in other years recently. Arguably, he has been the best kicker in the game over this period thanks to this ability to be durable.

More than that, though, Tucker could be the most consistent player in the entire league. It’s hard to imagine anyone being able to match if not repeat this type of production

Justin Tucker Stats

Since joining the Ravens as an undrafted free agent in 2012, Tucker has arguably been the best kicker in the game. He’s nailed an impressive 90.8% of his kicks so far in his career. He’s been a three time Pro Bowl player as well as a three time All-Pro kicker. Tucker has made 265 total field goals in his illustrious career, and shows no signs of slowing down at 30 years old.

These numbers only serve to prove how Tucker has not only been great, but has sustained success at a position that is nearly impossible to find any type of consistency at in the league. In a time when kickers can’t find accuracy, Tucker has been the exception to the rule so very amazingly.

Not only does he have the accuracy, he’s got the distance as well, proving once and for all that Tucker is the unquestioned best kicker in the league.

In the end, that might even make him MVP worthy.

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