Nick Saban Says Key Transfer is ‘Getting Comfortable’ Now With Alabama

Nick Saban

Getty Nick Saban on November 26, 2022

A still lingering question on the minds of Alabama Crimson Tide fans: Who’s handling the quarterback reins?

But another thought in Tuscaloosa — where is Norte Dame transfer Tyler Buchner regarding his development?

Tide head coach Nick Saban addressed the second one with the media on Sunday, August 13 and revealed where the former Fighting Irish quarterback is with his level of comfortability around ‘Bama.

“I still think that he’s probably getting comfortable with the system,” Saban revealed. “There’s some new terminology in it. And I think he’s probably still getting comfortable with the players around him because the other guys have been with those guys a little more. But I do think there’s really good competition at the position.”

By Saban’s words, the QB spot is still very much too be determined. And in further diving into his statement involving the newcomer, Buchner isn’t fully settled yet — but he’s in a position where the comfort level is starting to grow.

Saban Dives Into What he Hopes to See From QB Spot

While he shared how Buchner got his share of reps alongside the other challengers to the position Jalen Milroe and Ty Simpson, Saban revealed what he’s really looking for out of the position.

“You know I’m not a stats guy, so we’re not interested in what their statistics are,” Saban began.

He’s more into how they look on the field instead of how their numbers are.

“We are going to be interested when we watch the film,” Saban said. “You know…how did they execute? Did they throw the ball at the right place at the right time? Were they accurate at what they did? Did they take care of the ball so that we have a chance to play winning football at that position? And so that’s what we’ll be evaluating. So if you ask me a question about it, that’s the answer I’m going to give you.”

Analyst Reveals Over/Under on Starts for Buchner

While Saban isn’t one to give out predictions of how things will shake out regarding QB, analyst Clint Brewster of 247Sports decided to make an early prediction involving the Ex-Norte Dame signal caller.

Brewster gave the over/under six starts minimum for the prized transfer passer. While he’s heard the rumblings that Milroe has surfaced as the favorite for the position, he still believes that Buchner’s experience and arm are enough to coax Saban and new offensive coordinator Tommy Rees to hand him the reins for more than half the regular season.

“While I think Milroe starts the season and flashes as a runner, I’m not sure if he’s developed enough as a passer to hold onto the job,” Brewter wrote. “In that case, new Alabama offensive coordinator Tommy Rees will want somebody he knows and trusts. I think those two things will ultimately lead to Buchner starting more than six games, even if some right now peg him as QB3. Call it bold, but I’m going out on a limb and saying OVER.”

He’s one believer that the Tide will be led by the key transfer portal addition.

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