Texans QB Looks Good Repping Falcons Jacket Amid Trade Rumors


Getty Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans.

With Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson unhappy in Houston, rumors are swirling that he wants to be traded this offseason. And with every little detail coming to light, it could be a lot more serious than just a rumor.

Where Watson will end up is a question we will ponder until it happens, but until then, we’re looking for every little clue there is. Could Watson be in talks with other teams? There’s no concrete evidence but what we do know is that he could be hinting at a few teams, including the Atlanta Falcons.

Watson posted a photo over the weekend repping an Atlanta Falcons jacket in the “Big Apple.”

A Falcons jacket is certainly not a bad look on Watson. And while he might not be headed to Atlanta, it’s obvious a player is down with their team when they’re out wearing another.

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Deshaun Watson Would Cost A Lot

To be clear, Watson is actually from Georgia and was born and raised an Atlanta Falcons fan and was even a ball boy for the team back in high school.

It would make sense for Watson to come back to the “A” and play for his city, but it could cost a lot more than Atlanta can fork up.

But, that doesn’t mean just cross him off the list because if a top, young QB came calling, I’m sure the Falcons would answer. The problem will come down to cap space and whats best for the Falcons’ “business.” If the Falcons found a trade suitor for Matt Ryan, that could make some room to take Waton’s $21.6 million hit to the cap. But the way Ryan’s contract is structured, it makes more sense to wait until 2022.

On top of the cap hit, the Falcons would need to give up some draft capital, including this year’s first-round pick, a second-round pick, and potentially two to three more picks. And that still wouldn’t be enough as Houston would ask for one or two of Atlanta’s talented players which could even come down to handing over top defender Grady Jarrett.

However, with the Falcons just hiring a new head coach, Arthur Smith, and in a major rebuilding stage, anything is possible.

Why Watson Is Unhappy

It’s understandable as to why Watson is unhappy. Houston’s owner Cal McNair promised to include Watson in the new front office hirings, but didn’t

Watson wanted Houston to really consider Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy for the head coaching job, but the Texans seemingly ask for an interview and didn’t progress with it any further.

Watson made is clearer and clearer about how unhappy he really was last week with a simple tweet, “I was on 2 then I took it to 10.”

What does this mean?

The tweet actually stems from tweet posted by NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Houston is getting pretty serious with this too, as of Sunday, and are brainstorming possible trade partners and what they would do without him.

Stay tuned.

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