John Harbaugh Appears to Rejects Mike Vrabel’s Handshake [WATCH]

John Harbaugh

Getty John Harbaugh during Ravens vs. Titans.

The Baltimore Ravens fell apart late for another loss in overtime to the Tennessee Titans and it was a hard fought game from start to finish that was very emotional on both sides.

Perhaps nothing exemplified that more than the apparent behavior of the coaches after the fact. Following the tough 30-24 walk off win by the Titans, Ravens coach John Harbaugh appeared to reject the traditional postgame handshake from Titans’ boss Mike Vrabel.

Here’s a look:

The nature of the beef is simple. Before the game, the Ravens and Titans had clashed over the road team gathering on the midfield logo, with Harbaugh playing a major role in the confrontation along with Malcolm Butler. Afterward, Harbaugh and Vrabel jawed during the buildup to the game. Potentially, there were still some bitterness left over after the game.

It’s an interesting look for Harbaugh, who is typically one of the classiest coaches around and a guy who is very respectful of the traditions in the league. Even such, it’s easy to see why there would have been frustration given the potential beef before the game and Vrabel’s potential role within.

Mike Vrabel’s Thoughts About Handshake

After the game when he was questioned, Vrabel appeared to be adamant that the duo shared some type of handshake or exchange even though it was not caught on camera as this previous exchange was.

Did the handshake happen or not? It’s tough to say given the video and words conflict, but one thing is clear and that is there is clearly not a lot of love lost between these sides. The players played an emotional game during the playoffs last season and this hard hitting, back and forth affair was intense, with the Ravens taking a big 21-10 lead before coughing it up and having to rally to tie the game late just to lose in overtime on another intense Derrick Henry run.

One thing is for sure, and it’s everyone wouldn’t mind seeing this matchup play out again in the playoffs considering how intense and tough the game was. Right now, the Titans and Vrabel have the number of the Ravens.

John Harbaugh, Titans Jawed Before Game

Apparently upset with Tennessee congregating near midfield, Ravens coach John Harbaugh wanted to set things straight and ended up jawing a bit with Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler. Here’s a look at the mini fracas as it played out:

After that moment, Harbaugh got into an argument with Titans coach Mike Vrabel, who was one of the toughest players in the league. Safe to say there isn’t a ton of love lost between these sides.

The Ravens lost to the Titans in last year’s playoffs, so clearly there is no love lost between the sides whatsoever. This could be budding into an interesting NFL rivalry, and that is only more true given the way the Ravens lost and the potential handshake drama that came as a result.

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