Bills Fans Reveal Very Classy Gesture After Lamar Jackson’s Injury

Bills Fans

Getty Bills fans celebrate during a playoff game in 2021.

The Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens played a hard-fought game on Saturday night which the Bills managed to win, but even that hasn’t stopped the sportsmanship between the sides.

Before the game, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson were seen embracing. As the tight game played out, Jackson went down and eventually out with a head injury, which was tough to see. While it’s tough to say whether the injury played the biggest role in the defeat for Baltimore, no fans ever want to see a great player like Jackson go down with injury no matter the time in the game.

Buffalo’s fans felt bad enough about the injury and Jackson not being able to finish that they started spreading their generosity to his favorite charity after the game ended. Twitter had several examples of Bills fans dropping money to support the charity, and being very classy while doing so in both their praise of Jackson and hopes he recovered.

What is Jackson’s favored charity? The name is Blessings in a Backpack, and the chapter is in Louisville, Kentucky, The non-profit helps to provide food to children on weekends that receive federal assistance to eat during the week. It’s obviously a very noble cause, and nice to see the charity getting some major love in a tough moment for Jackson.

If one good thing can come as a result of a loss and a scary injury, perhaps it’s this for both the Ravens and Jackson.

Bills Fans Classy With Donations

Through the years, this class from Bills fans is nothing new. They’ve donated to charities before, including the favorite charity of Andy Dalton after the quarterback helped send the Bills to the playoffs a few years back following an upset win over Baltimore.

Obviously, Bills fans are the most easy to be happy for in football for these gestures and more. They always seem to be doing the most to help them from within their own community, and that has now translated to other NFL cities they have particular run-ins with in the playoffs or elsewhere.

Watch Hit That Injured Lamar Jackson

It was a tough end to the playoffs and the season for Jackson in Buffalo Saturday night. After a bad snap forced him to chase the ball backward, Jackson fell down and hit his head. The contact with the ground was severe and could have led to the injury and potential concussion for the quarterback.

Here’s a look at the hit:

The hope was that Jackson could have proved he was good enough to come back for the Ravens, but considering the team was into the fourth quarter, it was clearly too late for that miracle to play out. When he was ruled out, it hurt the Ravens in a big way considering the inexperience of Tyler Huntley.

Now, hopefully Jackson can take the offseason to rest and heal up in order to get better ahead of a vital 2021 season. Additionally, hopefully his charity can help smash some donation records this month as well.

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