‘That’s Lit:’ Lamar Jackson Lauds Sam Koch’s Perfect Passing

Sam Koch

Getty Sam Koch practices a pass.

The Baltimore Ravens have a perfect quarterback on their roster, and his name isn’t Lamar Jackson. Interestingly enough, it’s punter Sam Koch.

After the Ravens dispatched Washington fairly easily on Sunday, Koch threw another perfect, completed pass which made him 7-7 in his career throwing the football. In turn, that makes him the most accurate passer in NFL history. That’s a fact that Jackson was delighting in by the time Sunday afternoon’s games had concluded.

Jackson said:

“That’s lit. I’m trying to get to where he’s at.”

Indeed, Koch has been great when he’s been called on to throw the ball in his career, something even one of the best young quarterbacks in football would admit to. Any time the Ravens call on Koch, it’s got to be comforting for the team to know he has an arm to deliver such excellent plays and throws.

Perhaps Koch should ice down his arm, or work with the quarterbacks this week. Anything for the most accurate passer in NFL history to prove his point at his greatness.

Sam Koch Fake Punt Video

With a drive bogging down on Sunday, the Ravens elected to gamble on a 4th and long and have Sam Koch throw the ball. He managed to complete the pass and keep the Ravens offense moving the right way.

Here’s a look:

The Ravens, coached by John Harbaugh, have long been a team with rock solid special teams, and used this play to help them build a 21-10 lead at halftime. With plays like that, the Ravens will be even more dangerous considering what their offense and defense can already do.

Lamar Jackson Predicted to Bounce Back

In several cases that assumption is wrong. Interestingly, it’s also wrong in the case of noted Fox Sports host Skip Bayless. Bayless, who is known for his knee-jerk takes in the heat of the moment, is taking a longer approach when looking closer at the future of Lamar Jackson.

Even though Jackson is now 0-3 against Patrick Mahomes in his young career, there was no jovial celebration by Bayless, nor was there an admission of ‘I told you so.’ Rather, Bayless proclaimed that Jackson has much to prove moving forward in his career, but added that he would not bet against him doing so.

Bayless is not wrong with this particular take. Jackson does have much to prove moving forward, and until he wins a major showdown game or a playoff game, these worries are going to linger in a big way. Still, time is certainly on the 23 year old’s side and Bayless himself seems to understand that.

In this case, his words should serve as a warning to anyone who has given up on Jackson. Do so at your own peril considering his talent level and what he can still accomplish.

Bayless might be the king of the hot take, but even he is smart enough to recognize that Jackson is a world class talent. It would be funny to see his take on the greatness of Koch.

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