Celtics Insider Provides Latest Scoop on Jaylen Brown Rumor

Jaylen Brown Boston Celtics

Getty Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have been in quite the whirlwind of NBA gossip on July 25, 2022. First came a report from Adrian Wojnarowski that identified them as an interested suitor for Kevin Durant. Next came a report from Shams Charania that they had offered Jaylen Brown most namely among other assets to the Brooklyn Nets for Durant. Then, Brown himself seemingly responded to the reports with a common internet acronym via his personal Twitter account.

While Brown’s tweet was left up for interpretation, many speculated that these reports were not a good look for Boston’s relationship with Brown. Shortly after Brown’s tweet went up, Celtics beat reporter Mark Murphy gave Celtics fans an update that will give them a collective sigh of relief.

However negotiations went down between the Celtics and Nets, one thing for sure is that Brown has been discussed as the centerpiece for trades involving NBA superstars such as Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, and now Kevin Durant. That shows how much teams in the NBA value a player like Brown.

Plus, from what Murphy says, it sounds as though Brown only vocalized his disappointment because of how much he likes Boston. Furthermore, despite what’s been reported, it sounds as though he’ll be ready to go next season regardless.

Besides, from what Brian Windhorst says, it sounds like a potential deal involving Durant and Brown not only didn’t have legs but had been discussed weeks ago.

Windhorst Said Those Talks Happened a While Ago

On 98.7 Arizona Sports, Windhorst revealed that the Nets aren’t currently involved in trade talks involving Durant while furthermore adding that discussions between the Celtics and the Nets happened a while ago.

“I don’t think the Nets are involved in active talks right now. … I know it came out today, so it’s front of mind, but those are not fresh talks.”

Windhorst also added that the Nets could very well start the 2022-23 season with Durant on their roster. In other words, if they don’t get the deal they want, they’re more than happy to let the situation continue.

“Right now, the Nets’ viewpoint is: If they can’t get their price, they’re going to ride out the storm. … They could start the season with Durant, or that could be a negotiating stance.”

Although that begs the question as to why these discussions would be leaked now if they took place weeks ago.

Whatever the cause may have been, Brown is a Celtic, and Durant is a Net until further notice. Durant appears more likely to leave his current team than Brown is at the moment, but if he does, it sounds as though his next team won’t be Boston, according to John Gombadoro.

Nets Prefer Not to Trade Durant to Boston

Gombadoro revealed that the Celtics have been interested in Durant since he made his trade request. However, much like how Windhorst said, they are not in a rush to make a trade. Furthermore, if they were to make a trade, they would prefer not to trade Brown to Boston because that would mean trading Durant to a division rival.

If the Nets relent and acquire Brown, that would reunite him with Kyrie Irving. Brown did not get along well with Irving when they played together in Boston, but the two have since befriended one another since Irving left for Brooklyn.

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