Jayson Tatum Calls Out Right-Wing Radio Host for Controversial Take

Getty Images Jayson Tatum of the United States

Boston Celtics All-Star Jayson Tatum weighed in on a contentious news story, this week by calling out a conservative radio talk show host via Twitter, Tuesday night.

In support of USA Gymnastics star Simone Biles, who recently withdrew ahead of competing in the gold medal round at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo to focus on her mental well-being, Tatum attacked radio host Charlie Kirk.

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Kirk, host of Salem Media’s “The Answer,” discredits Biles’ decision to withdraw.

Charlie Kirk Calls Simone Biles a ‘Selfish Sociopath’

By Kirk’s estimation, Biles’ decision was nothing but a wasted opportunity.

“Simone Biles, who’s obviously a very talented gymnast, decided not to compete in the gold medal competition,” Kirk says, per Jason Campbell’s Twitter. “Now, she probably could have just competed and kind of just check the boxes, and they would have got a gold medal.”

Then, Charlie took it a step further. He not only blames Biles for the United States falling short of Russia and taking the silver medal at the Tokyo Games, but Kirk also referred to the star Olympian as a “sociopath.”

“That’s the point, Simone Biles. You’re representing your nation, you selfish sociopath,” Kirk added. “Are you kidding me? Today, it’s like you know what? I’m not going to do something stupid and get hurt. It’s just not worth it, especially when you have three amazing athletes that can step up to the plate and do it. So, you know who has the gold medal? Russia.

“Russia. I have to go look at these 4-foot-11 Russian Olympians chewing on their gold medal smirking at the Americans. I’m not OK with that. But, honestly; that’s where we’re heading.”

Kirk On Biles’ Decision: ‘It’s a Shame to The Nation’

According to Charlie, this kind of behavior sends the wrong message to the young and impressionable generations.

“We are raising a generation of weak people like Simone Biles,” Kirk stated. “Again, if she’s got all of these mental health problems, don’t show up. She’s an incredible athlete, of course, she’s an incredible athlete. I just said she’s probably one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. She’s also very selfish, she’s immature, and she is a shame to the county. She’s totally a sociopath. Of course, she’s a sociopath. What kind of person skips the gold medal match? Who does that?

“It’s a shame to the nation. You just gave a gift to the Russians. Don’t show up if you’re not ready for the big time. We got thousands of young gymnasts that would love to take your place. Simone Biles just showed the rest of the nation that when things get tough, you shatter into a million pieces.”

Celtics’ Jayson Tatum Attacks Charlie Kirk

Tatum came to Biles’ defense. The two-time All-Star retweeted the following response to a video of Kirk’s take on Biles, per Jason Campbell.

“Is it that hard to be supportive and empathetic to what others are going through? This is someone’s daughter and her health your referring to,” Tatum tweeted. Wonder if he has kids and how he would feel as a parent someone talking about his kids this way. Cause I’d be DAMNED. Simone is a hero!”

Hours after his post, he got back to work. Tatum and Team USA topped Iran 120-66, Tuesday night.

He led the second unit with 14 points, 4 rebounds in 17 minutes.


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