Celtics Insider Reveals Malcolm Brogdon’s True Feelings After Nearly Being Traded

Malcolm Brogdon

Getty Malcolm Brogdon

After almost being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. Malcolm Brogdon remains a member of the Boston Celtics. Not much was reported surrounding how the NBA’s reigning Sixth Man of the Year felt about almost going to a new team. That was until The Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn revealed how Brogdon felt on the September 15 episode of “Celtics Beat.”

While Washburn hasn’t heard much about how Brogdon currently feels, he revealed that last he heard, Brogdon was none too pleased with almost being traded again.

“Malcolm is the one I’m concerned about, too, because we’ve heard nothing,” Washburn said. “And he’s angry with the team. So, I don’t think communication between the two sides has been fruitful.”

Washburn elaborated on Brogdon’s feelings about it all, saying he “was not happy about the deal or being potentially dealt. He was pissed.”

Brogdon has every right to be upset about the Celtics almost trading him, as he revealed that he chose to go to the Celtics over their division rival, the Toronto Raptors, in a SiriusXM radio that was transcribed by MassLive’s Brian Robb on October 14, 2022.

Celtics Urged to Trade Malcolm Brogdon for Bigs

Bleacher Report’s Steve Buckley explained why he believes the Celtics could trade Brogdon.

“The Shamrocks should still be poking around for ways to flip Brogdon for more frontcourt help, though. There are, after all, reasons they initially deemed him expendable,” Buckley wrote in a September 12 story.

Buckley then elaborated on why the Celtics should use Brogdon to acquire more frontcourt help, knowing the risks with the bigs they currently have.

“Boston…could then focus on improving its depth at other areas. Given the previous health woes of Porziņģis and Robert Williams III, plus the fact that Al Horford turned 37 this summer, the Celtics might understandably want some insurance behind that trio. They’ve also long lacked significant depth at the wing spots.

“Acquiring a player who could fill in both spots or adding multiple players to cover those voids could give this group a bigger lift than a sometimes-available Brogdon can.”

What makes such a move risky is that Brogdon has proven his worth to the Celtics, while trading him for lesser players who fill more holes may not make the Celtics that much better.

Celtics High on Payton Pritchard: Insider

MassLive’s Brian Robb revealed that the Celtics are not likely to add Cam Payne, who was released by the San Antonio Spurs. That is partially due to them being high on Payton Pritchard coming into the 2023-24 season.

“Seeing that Boston’s biggest depth weak spot is in the frontcourt right now, it’s hard to envision a Payne pursuit for a couple of reasons,” Robb wrote in a September 12 story. “First, the opportunity for him as a minimum free agent would not be there in Boston’s backcourt as currently composed. White, Brown, Brogdon, and Pritchard (who the team is very high on during camp) will eat up the lion’s share of minutes in the backcourt. That makes a path for regular playing time for Payne a tough sell.”

With Marcus Smart gone, Pritchard is expected to pick up some of the slack in the backcourt with an increased role.

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