Seth Curry ‘Hot Take’ Sheds Doubt on Nets’ Ben Simmons

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Getty Is Seth Curry the real catch?

The Brooklyn Nets pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Philadelphia 76ers just before the trade deadline by acquiring Ben Simmons, Andre Drummond and Seth Curry in exchange for James Harden.

So far, it looks like the trade has been a win-win for both sides as Brooklyn was able to get rid of a player who didn’t want to be there anymore for two players who have become instant providers for the struggling Nets. When Kevin Durant returns from injury the team will have a better of idea of what pieces fit together, but the results are certainly promising at the moment.

While Ben Simmons was the clear highlight from the trade, Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz believes Curry could end up being the most valuable piece acquired by the Nets. He calls it a “hot take” and that’s certainly because it teeters on being one, but there is some early evidence to back up the claim.

Through five games with the Nets, Curry has been averaging 19.2 points on 50.7 percent shooting and 47.4 percent from three. Those are numbers that will more than likely fall back down to earth as the year goes on, but it’s indicative of the type of performances he can provide.

Will Curry Be the True MVP?

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GettyThe new Nets guard has fit right in.

Curry was a very valuable part of the Sixers, so losing him was certainly a blow, but it was something they were able to mitigate by replacing him with Harden. For the Nets, he’ll have giant shoes to fill, but it’s something he’ll have to do.

Swartz notes that when Durant and Irving are in the lineup, the Nets will still need to rely on Curry to space the floor.

“Even when Durant and Simmons return, Brooklyn will need Curry to play a large role as a much-needed floor-spacer, a job he’s perfected in previous stops,” he wrote. “Lineups with Simmons and Drummond can kill the spacing of a team, making Curry all the more valuable.”

With Simmons and Drummond not being much of a threat other than directly in front of the basket, having Curry in a lineup with Irving and Durant will be crucial.

Whether he’ll be able to live up to the expectations of being the marquee asset of the trade remains to be seen, but he’s off to an early lead due to him playing while Simmons is still working his way into the lineup.

Nets Have a Battle

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Chicago

GettyKevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets shoots a free throw.

With so much uncertainly swirling around who’ll be on the roster, Irving’s availability and Durant’s health, the Nets have slid all the way from the first spot in the Eastern Conference to the NBA play-in.

There’s still time for the team to get things turned around and climb back up the standings, but there’s not much time they can waste from here on out.

The main key will be getting Durant back because he was performing at an MVP level when he was healthy, and that was with an inconsistent Harden and no Irving at all.

When Durant comes back, he’ll have a whole new lineup around him and that should bode well for the team. They shouldn’t be in danger of missing the playoffs, but they’ll want to avoid the play-in tournament if they can.

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