Controversial Ex-Bills WR Takes Shot at Top QB Prospect Caleb Williams

Cole Beasley

Getty Cole Beasley warms up before a Buffalo Bills game.

Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley isn’t happy with the fashion choices of this year’s top quarterback prospect.

Beasley took to social media on March 30 to express his displeasure with USC quarterback Caleb Williams, who was seen at an NCAA basketball game with painted nails and a pink cell phone case. Though Williams has explained the deeper meaning behind his fashion choices, Beasley still didn’t seem pleased with Williams.

“I cant with these dudes. Lol,” Beasley wrote in a post on X.

Cole Beasley Sparks Controversy

This was not the first time Beasley called out Williams for his painted nails. Back in January, the former wide receiver also expressed his disappointment with the quarterback expected to go No. 1 overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

“What’s up with all these dudes painting their nails nowadays?” Beasley wrote on X. “That ain’t it….”

Beasley came under fire for the March 30 post but hit back at his critics, writing in a post on X that he disagreed with a “world that is trying to make it ok for a boy to just be a girl all the sudden.”

“Handing out awards for courage for pretending to be something you’re not,” Beasley wrote. “I’m trying to raise kids in a world that is getting more confusing every day. Do what you want but stop promoting the shit like it’s admirable.”

As Tori Rubinstein of NBC Sports Chicago noted, Williams has explained that his painted nails are more than just a fashion choice. Williams said he started it as a tribute to his mother, who worked in a nail salon.

“It started, I would say, three years ago,” Williams said. “It was my last year of high school. My mom does nails. Let’s just start it off there. She’s done it my whole life. It’s just kind of always been around me. Nobody else does it. I just kinda like to do new things.”

Cole Beasley Cut Ties With Buffalo

Beasley has been no stranger to controversy, dating back to his time with the Bills. He was an outspoken critic of the league’s COVID-19 protocols and took shots at the team after his departure following the 2022 season.

Beasley said in an interview with Outkick published on July 12, 2023, that the atmosphere around the team changed for him once the pandemic started.

“It was different in the organization, it was different in the facility and it was different with the fans as well. I went from, like my first year there, I loved Buffalo and I found my love for football again there. And I appreciated that. But once Covid hit, all that kind of changed.”

“I mean the fans are one thing, but the people in the building is another thing,” Beasley continued. “That affected me more so than the fans. I’ve always dealt with fans giving me [crap], even in Dallas. So that was something I could deal with. But when you start seeing changes within the organization, with how people are treating you there, that’s a different deal.”

Beasley also called out Bills legend Bruce Smith, who took part in the team’s effort to encourage players to get vaccinated.

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