Bills QB Josh Allen Gets Viral Attention for Hilarious Airport Interaction

Josh Allen

Getty Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills warms up prior to a game against the New York Jets at Highmark Stadium on December 11, 2022 in Orchard Park, New York.

Josh Allen may be a household name for Buffalo Bills fans, but he’s apparently got some work to do before reaching “movie star” status across the country.

A Twitter account called “Bills Mafia Babes” recently shared an account of Allen’s run-in with an unwitting traveler at the airport. The tweet described the story of Allen being mistaken for a famous actor and playing along, an interaction that then has since gained some viral attention.

Josh Allen Mistaken for Star of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”

The story came from a woman whose mother was stuck at an airport gate with Allen, and thought the Bills quarterback looked like actor Chris Pratt. The woman asked to take a picture with Allen, saying she wanted to prank her daughter by saying she met Pratt. Allen laughed and played along, posing for the picture that was then posted to the account.

It was only afterward that the woman learned she had met an actual celebrity, though still had a hard time believing it was Allen.

“Someone near them says ‘No, you’re not Christ Pratt, you’re Josh Allen,’ and pulls up a picture of Josh Allen to them both, to which (Allen) just looks on and says ‘I do kind of look like him,'” the person wrote. “My mom says to him ‘Maybe a little, but he’s got a square head, and you don’t.”

Allen was a good sport, the person added, laughing at the woman’s remark about the shape of his head. The tweet drew some viral attention, racking up thousands of likes and generating stories from’s Bills Central and other outlets.

Josh Allen’s Fan Interactions Have Gone Viral Before

This is not the first time that Allen has gotten some viral attention for his interaction with fans. Last October, a video showing Allen’s gift to a young fan following Buffalo’s win over the Kansas City Chiefs also drew more than 3 million views.

As the Buffalo News noted, fan Cole White, from Joplin, Mo., went to the game with a sign that read “Josh Allen its my birthday, can we take a picture?” White’s family said they started moving toward the front row of the stadium after a later interception from the Bills sealed the victory.

Allen than jogged across the field, giving White a game ball and posing for a picture with the child. Afterward, the video caught the young boy saying “Oh my God” several times with a look of disbelief on his face.

The boy’s father, Nick Williams, later told the Buffalo News that the family was surprised to see Allen actually follow through on the boy’s birthday request.

“We started heading that way after the interception but it was difficult because all the Chiefs fans were leaving,” Nick Williams said. “I gave Cole his sign and he was able to get down there. I was a few seconds behind, he put his sign out and it seemed like after his interview, Josh ran right to us. Pure joy from Cole after he realized what happened.”

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