Josh Allen’s Teammate Comments on Bills QB Dating Hailee Steinfeld

Josh Allen

Getty Bills quarterback Josh Allen looks to pass at Highmark Stadium on December 11, 2022.

During Buffalo Bills center Mitch Morse‘s press conference at the conclusion of mandatory minicamp on Wednesday, June 14, he was asked about his perspective on quarterback Josh Allen‘s incredibly busy, albeit exciting offseason.

In addition to being named the Madden 24 cover star, Allen’s dating life was thrust into the spotlight following his breakup from longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams.

A reporter asked Morse about the locker room reaction to Allen’s growing fame and “going on dates in New York City,” referring to the MVP candidate’s romantic outings with Oscar nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld, which caused a stir on social media.

While Allen is living his best life, Morse made it clear that football is still the superstar’s No. 1 focus. “I think from the jump, nothing has been more important in Josh’s life, of course, excluding faith and family, than football. That being said, he’s had a good few months, ya know?” Morse said with a smile.

“It’s been fun to… There’s friendly banter, whether it be from his haircut, to what you said about New York City, to the Madden cover, which even for a guy who doesn’t play video games, it’s not lost on me, it’s not a novelty that that’s a pretty cool moment for him and his family.

“So for us, it’s just hyping him up and really getting in his ear. He takes it well and he’s very humbled by it but when push comes to shove out here, he’s still the ultimate competitor that’s looking to get something out of every day. That’s refreshing because I think that’s what you want from your quarterback, no matter if things are going well or not well.”

Mitch Morse Offered the Perfect Response to the Stefon Diggs Drama

The Bills mandatory minicamp was quite the rollercoaster with Stefon Diggs‘ bizarre absence from practice on Day 1 and head coach Sean McDermott’s attempt at damage control on Day 2. When Morse was asked his perspective on the situation, the 31-year-old team captain offered the perfect response.

“Listen, Stefon Diggs is an amazing player. Maybe a handful of guys I’ve been around in my nine years who make an impact like Stef does on a team,” Morse said. “I think Josh and him have a symbiotic relationship where they make both better. He’s done so much for our team. That’s why it’s such big news in the media…

“I don’t want to speculate on what’s going on in the building or out of the building without us knowing what’s going on… I love Stefon Diggs, but I got s*** to do! I gotta come out here and do my job.”

Morse, who signed a two-year, $19.5 million contract extension with Buffalo last season, is the team’s clear starting center. Last year, he earned 61.4 overall grade from Pro Football Focus.

“I want Stef and everyone to be the happiest version of themselves. He is one of the best teammates I’ve been around. I also think that they’re working through it. I think they’re doing the thing that they’re supposed to do, which is to have possibly uncomfortable conversations, have some candidness, which can be hard at times. But in the end, you appreciate it and you work out.”

Mitch Morse Expressed Concern Over His Super Bowl Window Closing

Mitch Morse

GettyBills center Mitch Morse exits Highmark Stadium on January 22, 2023.

While Allen has mentioned that he’s more focused on football than ever this season, Morse told reports that he shares that same level of dedication.

“I think in any not only personal career but as a franchise, there’s a window of opportunity and our chances are fleeting, no matter how big the window or small the window is, you never quite when it can end or when that opportunity is going to arise again,” Morse said.

The former second-round pick from the 2015 NFL Draft, who spent the first four years of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, missed a few games last season after suffering his sixth recorded concussion since entering the league.

“We’ve had some great fortune these past few years but when is that going to dry up? Whether it be from injuries, turnover, age. I mean, I feel it going into year 9. How may more opportunities do I have left personally? Selfishly? So, I think everyone is intrinsically having that talk to themselves. We’re just marching along and trying to advantage possible.”