Credible Sources Link Derrick Rose to Potential Bulls Return

Getty Derrick Rose

A reunion between the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose seems as practical now as it has been since he left the Windy City.

Coming off a strong season with the New York Knicks, Rose is again a free agent, and his value is as high as its been since he was in his prime.

We’ve always heard whispers about Rose potentially returning to Chicago, but because of where some of the latest suggestions are coming from, Bulls fans may be inclined to listen just a little closer.

Adrian Wojnarowski Says Derrick Rose May Be on Bulls’ Radar

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski went through a number of potential options for the Bulls at point guard when he dropped this bomb:

Derrick Rose is another name in Chicago. I don’t think he is necessarily at the top of their priority list, but if he doesn’t return to New York, is there a role for Derrick Rose with the Bulls? I just think there are a lot of contingencies all these teams are working through.

Here is a look at the segment:

Obviously, the Bulls are more apt to chase a player like Lonzo Ball or Dennis Schroder. However, if we’re talking about attractive backup plans or adding depth, or a potential tutor for Coby White, it is hard to imagine a better fit than Rose.

Woj isn’t the only one talking Rose’s potential return to Chicago.

K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago also mentioned the concept and he called Rose as “a secondary target.”

Rarely have we seen this mentioned by multiple credible sources.

The Feel-Good Story of the Year in Chicago Sports

At some point, it seems only right for the Bulls to bring Rose back in some way. Aside from Michael Jordan, there has probably never been a more beloved Bulls player in the city.

The Chicago native and homegrown talent is special to most of us in Chicago, and the way things ended just don’t sit right. Rose will be 33 in October, so his best on-court days are in the past. However, he proved last year that he is still capable of scoring points in bunches, facilitating and defending on the perimeter.

Rose is the kind of veteran point guard presences teams with their eyes fixed on winning need on the roster. The Bulls are forced to be in win-now mode having mortgaged much of their future in the deal that landed Nikola Vucevic last season.

Because of that trade and Zach LaVine’s impending free agency, there is a sense of urgency for Chicago to make the kind of moves that clearly demonstrate their desire to win soon.

It’s important to entice LaVine to perhaps sign an extension or to simply re-up with the Bulls at the end of the season. It’s also important to prospective free agents who may be considering their chances to contend on a second or third contract in the league.

Rose is well-liked in the league, and his presence would likely be a plus in the eyes of other potential free agents. Like many Chicagoans, fingers are crossed, but I wouldn’t get too taken with the idea just yet.


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