Wild Trade Proposal Would Send Zach LaVine to Miami Heat

Getty Zach LaVine

The Chicago Bulls figure to be active this offseason, but if the team completes a trade suggested by Bleacher Report, the organization might have a fan revolt on its hands.

B/R’s Greg Swartz dropped an article suggesting “the best trade” for every NBA team, and he concocted a deal between the Bulls and the Miami Heat that would have Chicago sending Zach LaVine to South Beach in exchange for Tyler Herro and Goran Dragic. 

That is…something. Let’s allow Swartz to explain his rationale for this highly unlikely and borderline psychotic trade.

The Bulls went all-in by trading for Nikola Vucevic, but another trip to the lottery should still leave LaVine’s future in question, especially with free agency approaching next summer. If LaVine shows any interest in leaving, the Bulls should try to get some value for him before it’s too late. Herro would be a nice replacement, a 21-year-old shooting guard with two years remaining on his rookie deal. He averaged 15.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, 3.4 assists and shot 36.0 percent from three, primarily as a sixth man. Dragic would also be a useful piece for a Bulls team lacking a true point guard. The 35-year-old helps Chicago make a playoff push now while mentoring Herro, Coby White and the other young guards. The Heat should jump at the chance to get LaVine, one of the NBA’s premier scorers who only continues to improve. While Herro is a terrific prospect, LaVine better helps Jimmy Butler & Co. win now.

This sounds like a deal constructed by someone who has been playing too much NBA 2K21 MyNBA mode.

As you might imagine, several people had an issue with this offer.

Twitter Reacts to the Suggested Deal

Forbes’ Matt Peck hilariously referenced an old Michael Jordan public service announcement in his response.

Bulls 101 podcast’s Kris Amundsen chose to log off social media after taking a gander at Swartz’s proposed deal.

It is easy to see why the Miami Heat might jump at the chance to pull the trigger on this deal. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks this would be a great trade for the Bulls.

Why is the Trade Such a Bad One for the Bulls

With all due respect to Dragic, who is still a capable scorer and playmaker and has had a fine career for himself, and Herro, who has upside as a scorer, this offer is in no way a good value for LaVine.

Swartz paints the picture that suggests the Bulls might be on the verge of losing LaVine in free agency, which is a real possibility after the 2021-22 season.

However, Bulls management would likely get a gauge on LaVine’s commitment to the franchise before the season starts, or at the latest by next year’s trade deadline.

If they believe LaVine is a risk to bolt, you will suspect them to make LaVine available early enough to grab a better trade package than the one suggested by Swartz. It’s almost scary imagining how bad Chicago’s defense would be with Dragic, Herro, and Vucevic in the starting lineup.

Dragic just turned 35 earlier this month, and Herro might never progress beyond being a streaky scorer with shoddy defense and limited playmaking ability. If that’s what the Bulls come away with for trading a legit star like LaVine, shame on them.

That said, Bulls fans can rest a bit easy; that deal doesn’t seem in the least bit plausible.

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