Browns QB Baker Mayfield Puts Stephen A. Smith on Notice

Getty Images Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield is making a very public list, questioning those who don’t believe he can help guide the Cleveland Browns to a Super Bowl.

Mayfield called out ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith via an Instagram post on Monday night, reposting a rant from Smith on First Take. 

The basis of Smith’s argument: “Here’s the real, you ain’t winning no title with [Baker Mayfield as your QB].

Baker Mayfield

Smith has turned into one of Mayfield’s most outspoken critics, calling him out on a weekly basis and kicking the QB while he’s down. And the rivalry between the two is approaching Colin Cowherd levels, dating back to the Wild Card game last season when Smith said no one does less with more than Mayfield.

That caught the attention of Emily Mayfield, Baker’s wife, who called out Smith following the Wild Card win against the Steelers.

“This aged well,” Emily Mayfield tweeted after the game.

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Smith responded on his show, saying he actually embraced being called out.

“I loved her tweet,” Smith said on First Take. “I love to see a woman who loves her man so dearly, she wants to stand by him and support him. That’s why she’s Mrs. Mayfield.”

Mayfields Have Been Active on Social Media

There’s an argument to be made that both Mayfield’s should take a break from social media during the season. The negative energy is easy to find there, especially during tough times.

With Mayfield putting up one of his worst performances to date against the Vikings — 155 yards, no touchdowns and 45.5 completion percentage — and then the Browns coming up short against the Chargers on Sunday, there’s no lack of ammunition for trolls and haters.

Emily Mayfield took to Instagram on Monday to defend her husband.

“For all of you ‘fans’ who are blaming yesterday’s loss solely on Baker, wake up. It was one hell of a game and that game could have gone either way. He left it all on the field.

“You truly don’t know what you have. I have watched him give his all and change the entire culture in CLE, yet he gets so little credit for it. He never asks for recognition and continues to carry the weight day in and day out, despite the hate. If you’re a true fan, SUPPORT our guys. Baker, and everyone else. The hate does NOTHING for them.”

This came after Baker Mayfield issued his own statement via social media, assuring that winning is his priority above anything else.

Mayfield’s Shoulder Not a Factor Against Chargers

Mayfield has been dealing with a shoulder injury but Browns coach Kevin Stefanski reiterated that it did not affect his play or the play-calling against the Chargers. Stefanski took some heat for not being more aggressive down the stretch.

“I would tell you, again, you have to call the game that is called for,” Stefanski told reporters on Monday, October 11. “Certainly, understand that we had some guys playing in positions where I need to make sure I call the game in a proper, appropriate fashion, but that does not excuse not being aggressive when it is called for.”

The Browns will have a chance to bounce back against the undefeated Cardinals this week as they look to avoid falling to .500.

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